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This map was originally designed for my mini-game Railnums (see below) and has been significantly modified to provide suitability for other gametypes. Feedback on this map is desired, and updates will be posted periodically.




Description: This map features two vulnerable, low-elevation bases separated by a raised central hall. Above the hall on either side are platforms, with an exposed sniper spawn between them. Four smaller platforms are arranged at the map corners. Jumps are designed into virtually all locations.




Gametypes: FFA, Team Slayer (up to 4 teams), Ricochet, CTF, Extraction, KoTH, Oddball.




Design Notes:


Jumps: Most jumps can be executed using NS (120% speed) settings. Two designed jumps require thruster pack with NS. All jumps can be executed with standard (110% speed) + sprint gametypes without thruster. All playing surfaces accessible to jetpacks are accessible via jumping.


Spawning: Spawning has been tested up to 4v4 play. Due to the small size of the map, spawns were located away from power position lines-of-sight and heavily loaded in the areas adjacent to the Ricochet goals.






- 2x Railguns (small platforms, each closer to one base), 120s spawn

- 1x Sniper (central exposed spawn, equidistant from bases), 150s spawn



- 2x Loadout Weapons (one set per base - presently temporary for testing, but may become permanent)



- 12x Frags





















Railnums Gametype:



- Railgun (primary) + Magnum (Secondary) + 2 Frags (on-map ordnance/weapons disabled)

- Thruster pack, AA efficiency, Dexterity

- 10 minutes

- 300 pts, 10 team points per kill

- +5 team score for headshots

- +10 team score for assassinations

- Friendly fire ON

- +3s suicide / betrayal respawn penalty

- 110% Damage (yielding 5SK Magnum)

- Motion tracking for Allies Only

- No shield indicator

- No kill cam

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You use building in a way I have never seen in a slayer map(aesthetically and structurally), though this map may have frame rate issues. I advise you to test that out, considering how many buildings, circular objects, and braces used.

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