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Name of the Map:            Blue Lagoon

Map tags:                         salsasandro, lagoon, waterfall ,pirate, ship, treasure, cavern


Gamertag:                        Salsasandro

                                         (in collaboration with Silberaffe)  Idea and Leveldesign: Silberaffe, Aesthetics, Finishing and Balancing: Salsasandro




Gametype:                       GT Blue Lagoon



Recommended Players:   4 - 8


Description:                      This is a themed Map and its set just on top of the Water at the foot of the biggest Island and uses also the "in the Island Glitch" to simulate a Cavern.

                                         It`s an excellent Map to play free for all. Unfortunately the Dominion Shields set for the Waterfall will be neutral (that means: bright red) if Teams option is Disabled.


                                         Features also a Waterfall, a Rope Bridge, a Fisherman`s Hut, a Treasure Case and a stranded Pirate Ship...and of course a lot of FUN to play it. ^.^ .


                                         There are totally 4 Teleporters to gain access to the cavern, and three to go back to the lagoon. 7 Weapons and Items in the Cavern are hidden more or less.

                                         Good luck and fun to find them all!







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The Dominion shield issue can be remedied by setting the object colour to blue instead of the team in which it belongs to, if you haven't done so already. That, or else you could say the water runs red with the blood of fallen warriors. :thumbup:

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