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Aesthetics Playground

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1.Gamertag:                      Salsasandro


2.Name of the Map:          Aesthetics Playground




3.Description:                    Features    2 Swings

                                                            a Slide

                                                            a Seesaw

                                                            a ping pong table

                                                            a Swimming pool with a little Duck or Grus

                                                            a Climb thing (sorry, dont know the name of that thing)

                                                            2 Play Castles / Fortress (don't know the right name for them)

                                                            a Sandbox with some Toys

                                                            a Trycycle

                                                            a Scooter

                                                            a Baby stroller / Wheelchair

                                                            and some little other things like benches a waste tub etc....




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Remember, these aesthetics that use weapons are not only limited to forge art. They can be used in competitive maps. Just pit a trait zone to disable weapon pickup :)

I think i've tried that before and weapon pickup isn't an option for trait zones. It was a long time ago, though, so maybe they changed that in an update.

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Dude, this is create! can i use some designs if i ever make a map with a playground in it?


Use what ever ideas / aesthetics you like. I cant imagine better compliment then to see my ideas spreading out and find them in some cool maps of someone else ;-D


Like you noticed: Unfortunately you can't change weapon pick up options directly on the Trait zone property yet...

But what i find out: Some of the Weapons on that map can't be picked up, because they are for the most of the part covered / in the ground...

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