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Hey guys, RANDPLAYER here.


I just recently made a 2v2 map on reach which will be functional with Slayer & KoTH, the map is 95% finished, all that's left is spawning and making sure that spawnkilling ain't possible (or at least very difficult), so I'm reaching out to the community for help.

Down below are some screenshots of the map and I would second of all want your opinion(s) if I should modify or remove features of the map.

(screenshots are also available on my fileshare) Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/randplayer/haloreach/fileshare


-Map features-

1x sniper

1x needler

1x concussion

2x magnums

2x repeaters

2x plasma pistols

2x DMRs

4x assault rifles

2x plasmas

2x frags

2x health

1x overshield


Start screen

North overview


South overview


Red spawn


Blue spawn


Green teleport


Orange teleport


Forge overview



So if anyone is interested in helping me out it would be much appreciated.
I will be online and playing starting today (sep. 28, 7am CST - 10pm CST) & (sep. 29, 6am CST - 4pm CST)
If you read this post after said time, feel free to send me a message on XBL and I'll be sure to reply as quick as I can.

Thanks to any who'd like to help :)



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