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Spartan's Playground: Forger's Showcase, Every other Friday

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Every Other Friday

Come share and experience top-quality, competitive Halo 4 maps* by Forgers from various Halo communities across the 'net. Maps will be played on default War Games gametypes and settings. Map sizes will be determined by party size (max 14). Customs will run at least two hours or until we run out of maps.


  • If you have a map you'd like to test or feature, please post it in this thread along with the preferred gametype. Be sure to include preferred teams size.
  • All party-goers are expected to have all the Halo 4 Forge maps.
  • We request that party goers are at least 17 years of age or older (this is a guideline, see next).
  • Party goers who behave in a disrespectful or disruptive fashion will recieve a request to change their behavior, if they continue they might be booted without warning, nothing personal.
  • If your map is extremely glitchy, laggy, or otherwise of clear sub-par quality, the game may be stopped for another map. Please only share quality maps.
  • We request that you have a mic so you can effectively play competitively and give feedback on maps. If you do not have a mic you may be booted to make room for testers who would like in that can give feedback.
  • There is a good chance the lobby will be recorded and put up on YouTube (see last lobby's vid below)
  • Please be aware that while running a party it is easier to multi-task by viewing text than listen to voice messages. I don't have time to join chat requests or listen to voice messages while running a party.

To join in on the fun, send a text message on LIVE the day of the lobby to: **
AddiCt3d 2CHa0s (the "0" is a zero)
and I'll shoot out invites in order received as spots open up in the party.

Once I've sent invites to all requests, I will open the party. Feel free at any time to use the chat invite trick: Send me a chat invite, then access my profile via the invite. If the option exists to join I've opened the party and there is room so jump on in.

Looking forward to exploring new maps and shooting you in the face, see you there!

* Mini games and other "crazy customs" maps occasionally get featured in this lobby. Let me know what you have and I'll let you know if we'll run it. Remember: the key word is "quality", if your map results in a negative experience for our testers, the game may be ended early.

** There will be a lobby set up at HaloCustoms.com, gamers who RSVP there will get first invites

Please message me here or on LIVE if you are interested in being part of a map critique and Forge video feature team.

Here is the raw footage from previous Forger's Showcase lobbies. Maps, authors and time links are in YouTube description:








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Forger's Showcase Friday is in danger of being discontinued. To run this week, we'll need at least five Forgers to contact CHa0s with their intent to show up and share their quality map that has yet to be showcased in Spartans' Playground: Forger's Showcase videos. Please spread the news to your favorite Halo 4 Forgers, and sign up to share your map today! See below for the videos of last session. Maps and Author names are included in the YouTube description with links to the start of each map.





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