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Hello, dear Halo community.
Not that many of you will care, but I created this topic to inform you all of fanfics written by me, -Stealer-L1F3, devoted for Halo and its awesomeness. If you like Sangheili/Human interactions, space battles, Sci-Fi related stuff and romance, then you should probably check out these two fanfics:

Halo: Shock Troopers

Reclaimers (A Mass Effect/Halo crossover. Continuation of Halo: Shock Troopers)

Still, not that many of you will care or want to read... Also, I am searching for someone gifted in the art of drawing. I can't afford any payment, but I truly hope that my eternal gratitude, a mention in the stories and respect should be enough for you, unless you want to negotiate something. This is just something I am bad at myself, so I am looking for someone talented. If you want, contact me, if not... well, do whatever you want. :D

Anyways, if you do check them out and if you begin liking the fanfics, do what you think is best, but the best thing you would be able to do for me is to support me in any way you can.

I'm not forcing any of you to do anything against your will, it's entirely up to you if you'd want to check the stories out or not.

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