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Slender Forest- Competitive

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First, a link to the map's location of residence on my File Share.


Ever heard of the map "Rising of Slenderman" by AbandonedCashew? It's a wonderful map, and was recently featured by the epidemic (8/18).



It was made for the Slender gametype, but I can't stand that game. So, I've taken the spawn points and re-arranged them to support competitive gametypes. I've also added flag plates for Capture the Flag, as well as some ordinance drops. I would like to have added some light vehicles (thought it would be fun to drive a mongoose or warthog around) but because the map was modded, I couldn't recover any budget, so we'll have to do without them.



A section of the forest, where a blue spartan dropped the red flag.


I may optimize it for different gametypes in the near future, but as of now it works with Slayer, CTF, Oddball, Free for All, and Flood. Of course you can play various custom game types as well, such as the Gun Game or Blargnstuff. Whichever gametype you choose to play, I highly recommend turning off motion sensors in the game options before starting. Optimal player count is 4-10 players.


Because the map is a bit too large to fully support 1v1 gameplay, I've created a different version of the map for 1v1. The newer version is smaller- I closed off some of the map and deleted the extra objects on the other side. Of course, I've re-arranged the spawn points, ordinance, and objectives to better fit the new map. This 1v1 variant is available for download here.

How does it Play?

Well you may be wondering "how do I play a competitive map when I can't see two feet in front of my face? However, you're not as blind as you think you are. When playing Capture the Flag, you will always know where your base and the enemy base are, as the flag waypoints will always point them out. After spawning in the same area several times, you'll quickly learn your way around it, as the map is not large at all. Despite what you may think, you'll always know, quite precisely, where you are on the map.


The fog adds an element of suspense that everyone in the lobby loved. You need to keep on your guard at all times, as the enemy can come out of the fog at any moment and engage you in a close-quarter fight. When you fire your weapon, your projectiles can be seen from further into the fog than your spartan itself. Also, when you are hit, your shields start glowing and and are also visible from further away. This means that as soon as you engage a target, the stealth of both you and your enemy are sacrificed and the other players can see you and close in around you. Players will easily know where the action is going on because as they get near the area they will hear the sounds of the battle and see the flashing shields and the flying projectiles.



Open engagements often attract other players throughout the map, and frequently lead to larger scale battles like these.


Bottom line, the gameplay did not go slowly or drag as some of you may have thought it might. In fact, one team was able to acquire 5 flag captures in 12 minutes in a testing match, showing that the game does progress at a steady pace. The gameplay is fun and balanced, and there are really no major issues with it whatsoever. I'm actually quite proud to bring this to you guys, and I hope you will give it a shot.



Guns up, eyes in all directions. These blue spartans must stay alert while they guard their stolen flag, as the enemy can emerge from the mist at any time.


One last thing. Before you start the game, I highly recommend that you make these changes to the game through the options.
-Disable motion sensor- highly recommended
-If you're playing Capture the Flag, set the reset timer to 25 or 15 instead of 35


I hope you enjoy the map- you can find it on my File Share here, and the 1v1 variant is up for download here. Credit goes to "AbandonedCashew" for the original. 

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