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Paranormal Pests

By Rabid MidgetMan

Here is the mapgametype, and a link to my fileshare thrown in for free!

Player count: 5-14, the more the better




My god, you're very pale, you look like you've seen a ghost!

This building has become infested with pesky spirits, so you've been sent in to clear them out. But don't lose your nerve Mr. Ghostbuster, these ghosts are actually pretty harmless, so it's just a question of catching them all. Should be simple, right? Nope, the slippery specters have a trick up their sleeve... They can walk through walls!



Okay, okay, the ghosts can't actually 'walk' through walls, but they can choose to instantly vanish and reappear somewhere else on the map at the push of a button, whenever they please. Every time they do this, they leave behind a flash of a ghostly blue trail.




The map is essentially a large maze. I must confess that the map itself (the basic maze) is not mine, it was downloaded from the internet after the maze I was building fell victim to a save overwrite bug. 'Cereal Noob' had intended the map to be yet another slender game, but I gave it a makeover (reorganised spawns, killzones, a few corridors) and then I got to work implementing the teleportation system that defines Paranormal Pests.



Some corridors are very long, whilst most of the map is made up of tight corners and small rooms. There are no dead ends so you can move around with ease.



The basic idea of Paranormal Pests is that the ghosts (humans) move very quickly and can avoid the Ghostbusters (infected) and their sword lunges by warping. "But Rabid, how on earth do I warp?!?" Simple! Just jump! Every time you push that A button, you will warp to one of many carefully selected destination points on the map. I gave the warp ability a half-second cooldown to prevent spamming. It is virtually impossible to predict where they will end up, and the distribution of players throughout the map is kept even.



Remember when I said the ghosts were harmless? Psych!  :shock:


You may have 2000% resistance and enough shields to teabag a killball, but you can still be assassinated so WATCH YOUR BACK.



There is one GhostBuster 3000 (or as the UNSC naively named it, scattershot) on the map (at the infected spawn) which can vaporise ghosts, leaving no more than a pile of spooky ashes. With such a powerful tool in your hands you may feel indestructible!


But you're not.





This game is a real laugh because you can wait for the humans to run all the way along a corridor to get to you then just jump at the last second. Or as I like to do, run up and punch them in the face then disappear before they can return the favor. hilarious.png



"Ima get you!"



"Damn it!" 



"Okay, you are so dead!"







Oh and while you're busy swinging at air, you might want to WATCH YOUR BACK.


"guesssssssssssssss who!" x3.png

"OH COME ON!"  :wallbash:



Did I mention that the ghosts can fly?


Yeah, they float about the corridors (thruster pack).


They move so fast you never see 'em coming. Sometimes, if they get real mad, they will swoop in and grab someone, clean off the ground, then fly away with them, screaming, never to be seen again...




Nah, I'm just messing with ya






Lobby Advice

  • First of all I would advise telling the players in the lobby that you can assassinate people, as the gameplay feels much more balanced once everyone realises this. The game still functions if you don't, but few players pick it up on their own.
  • I originally designed this for large lobbies of 8-14 and it works really well with that amount; a lot of quick fun and assassinations are much easier because the radar becomes redundant when there are so many dots on it.
  • I found that the game is surprisingly enjoyable with lobbies of 3-5 as well. It is much stealthier, you often have to crouch to go off radar in order to get kills. It also feels a lot more personal because you're being taunted by the same person over and over.



"Hey, what's that on your face?"  

"Eh? I haven't got anything on my-"




WHAM mouthful of ecto-plasm!   :troll:





A small YouTube channel did this feature of my map. he mentions balancing issues, but don't worry the gametype has been improved since. If someone is spamming the teleport, just watch for one of the places he lands and then keep swinging your sword there.


Once again the creator of the structural map was Cereal Noob, and feel free to subscribe to this guy's channel he does some great reviews  :)



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Sometimes I think what I come up with in forge is pretty cool, and then something like this comes along and blows my creations out of the water. >:|

Nicely done, Mr. Midget! Although you may want to get your rabies looked at... :P

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I can't believe I didn't see this sooner it looks like a nice twist on ghostbusters!

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