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Should 343 make the Grunts 'normal' again?

Grunt Qualities (Read topic Below Poll)  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you wish to have the original voices and dialog back?

    • Yes! Most definitely.
    • Perhaps... I enjoyed the original a bit.
    • Not really, I found them annoying kinda.
    • No. Definitely not.
  2. 2. Do you wish to have the original look back?

    • Yeah! The original look matched better.
    • It depends how it will look on new graphics.
    • No, I prefer the Halo 4 Grunt look.

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Bring Back the Original Grunts!



    Halo 4 was an amazing game, graphic wise and story wise. However, this small change has made it lose its 'Halo' feeling. The little voices of Grunts. Yes, strange. However, don't you miss just running around and keeping a couple of the critters alive just to taunt them? Hearing the common word of 'nipple,' or the absolute nonsense of a Grunt panicking, trying to hide behind the rest of the pack or behind a Sangheili. Hearing the Grunts even try to taunt you, but to fail miserably, allowing you to have a little laugh. Most importantly, their little voices. The voices were amazing.


    The voices also can help mediate you while playing Halo on Legendary. In Halo 4, there's nothing to help you be 'happy' while playing. All you really get is raspy voices, that really only tick you off. But the memories of past Halo's on Legendary. At the moments of most anguish, you'd hear a little squeaky voice of a Grunt, either in panic or taunting. This always made me laugh a little at least, and helped motivate to go on.


    Lastly, the look. The look of the original Grunts fit them, and I actually kinda miss it. They now look like turtles that are in heat. Hopefully, 343 will bring back the original Grunts. Most importantly their voices! (Including the comical language.)


Thanks for reading! Comment please, and be sure to vote!

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