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Thoughts on Dominion update, and wishes for Snipers.


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  1. 1. Add more game types in Snipers?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Did the Dominion update:

    • Ruin the playlist
    • Make it better

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Regarding Dominion:
There is a saying that goes, "Don't fix what isn't broken." and I feel that way about this playlist. Dominion has a great thing going before the update. I don't know why they changed it around, or added the mess of a game type titled lockdown(which seems not very different from 1 site extraction). I never saw a problem with the resupply drops, and they never were a problem even if the other team had gotten them. Now they are useless, and the game drags on.

This playlist was in my top three, but it isn't anymore because I've been thrown into games 20 to 300, with no chance of coming back with half a team. Which leads be to another playlist that actually needs updating.

Regarding Snipers:
It is no secret that the beam rifle in this playlist is the best, and if your team doesn't have it, it is usually a "good luck to you" sort of game. They did it for swat, now do it for snipers, and change it up a bit. Get rid of the beam rifle from the game type snipers completely to make it fair for everyone. But create more game types in Snipers like:

Snipers (UNSC only, with or without pistol)
Shotty Snipers (both UNSC)
Cov Snipers (Beam rifles only, with or without plasma pistols)
A Cov version of Shotty Snipers (Not sure what is a good secondary yet)
Forerunner Snipers  (Or basically Binary Slayer moved to this playlist)
Forerunner Shotty Snipers (Binary / Scattershots )

More of a variety would be fantastic.  
I'm just saying, SWAT has been divided into these three different game types, why can't snipers too to make it more of an equal playing field?

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lockdown is much quicker. the score limit is 100 and only 1 base. Bravo. ive seen default dominion along the other choices of lockdown


the choices ive seen the other day went

  • left choice: dominion on ...
  • center choice: lockdown on ...
  • right choice: dominion on ...


now about snipers...

yes the beam rifle shouldnt spawn on the map but their should be 6 gametypes

  • this one has just the sniper rifle
  • this one has the sniper rifle and shotgun
  • this one has just the beam rifle
  • this one has the beam rifle and shotgun
  • this one has the sniper rifle and scattershot
  • this one has the beam rifle and scattershot

yea...i cant change anything. but, if 343 decides to add more variety to each playlist then...

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I forgot about shotty snipes. I'll add it in the list. But, as for Dominion, I am forced to join mid game more than getting put in lobbies to vote; so that could be it. 

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I hate lockdown and leave any game it is;

It is essentially whichever team successfully camps the middle quickest wins. They control all vehicles and weapons.



Tip for JIP;


If you are joining a game and it shows player stats but not 'Incoming Player', press START, go down to NETWORK SETTINGS and switch to MY XBOX 360, and then back to XBOX LIVE. It doesn't count as quitting and you are removed from JIP before you actually join!



I really, really hate lockdown. It isn't fun.

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we can only advise you what to play. the final decision is yours and if you know what your doing, it shouldnt be a big problem for you in the match. if your sick of matchmaking, try the file search option and try out different maps

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I was just seeing who else felt this way about the playlists, or wanted to know what anyone else wouldn't mind seeing in them.

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I like the fact that you can no longer camp a base in normal dominion and continually get resupplied with power weapons, so for that I like the new Dominion.  Lockdown, however, is the worst gametype ... ever, ... of all time.  The two words that best describe it are bloodbath and camp-friendly.

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