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GTA V Special Edition and Collector's Edition Announced

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While supplies last, a pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V Special or Collector's Edition, $79.99 and $149.99 respectively, will guarantee you certain in-game bonuses equivalent to DLC and limited edition swag.


Read the full story here or scroll down to read my heavily plagiarized associated press version.



Pre-order any version of GTA V and you'll be able to pilot the Atomic Blimp in-game vehicle.







The Special Edition comes with:





  • Collectible Steelbook with Exclusive Artwork

-A disc case sporting " double-sided, never before seen artwork of [main characters] Michael, Trevor, and Franklin."

  • Blueprint Map-

-21.5" x 26.75" poster mapping Los Santos and Blaine County in a blueprint style. Features "cryptic markings" highlighting "locations for fast cash and other points of interest for the up-coming-entrepreneur".

  • Special Ability Boost-

-The special ability bar (gauging use of the main characters' special abilities) will regenerate 25% faster.

  • Stunt Plane Trials-

-"Single player Stunt Plane Trials let you take on additional aerial challenges spread throughout Los Santos and Blaine County."

  • Bonus Outfits, Tattoos and More-

-Main characters receive extra outfits in wardrobes, character specific tattoos to be had at tattoo parlors, and "special deals from shopkeepers across Los Santos and Blaine County."

  • Additional Weapons-

- Single player Ammunation stores will have special weapons for free available from merchants: "the Pistol .50, Bullpup Shotgun, and Melee Hammer."




The Collector's Edition includes all of the above as well as:





  • Grand Theft Auto V Security Deposit Bag with Logo Key-

-10.75" x 8.5" money bag with a "pop-up style lock and laser cut logo key [...] the reverse side features a pressed Rockstar Games logo on the security mount with a framed ID window."

  • Grand Theft Auto V New Era 9FIFTY™ Snapback Cap-

-Black snapback with Los Santos logo embroidered across front, black Rockstar Games stitched logo on left side, and "Grand Theft Auto 'V' logo applique" on the wearer's right side.

  • Custom Characters for Grand Theft Auto Online-

-Classic GTA characters for Online Character Creation System.

  • Unique Vehicles and Garage Property-

-Players immediately have access to a "garage to store custom vehicles." Single player stocks the garage with the "1930's style Hotknife hotrod and the CarbonRS sports bike". Online "the high-end Khamelion electric car" awaits the player.

  • All contents of the Collector's Edition "come packaged in a premium outer box featuring a foil embossed Grand Theft Auto V logo on the top, finished with a matte, scuff-resistant film lamination, housing all of the contents."



Pre-order available till September 17, 2013 when hopefully you will have picked up your copy of GTA V.


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Darn! I was going to wait until after the first few Title Updates, and first DLC pack to buy the game.That way the first time I experience it, it would be far better than it was on launch day... But now that they are offering such nice incentives... I might just have to Pre-Order, and get the Collector's Edition.

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I wanna fly the atomic blimp :D

I wanna crash the Atomic Blimp  :laughing:

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