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Gamertag: J00N4 (That's with two zeros btw)

Map (Evacuation): http://tinyurl.com/bwn4nek


Gametype (Escape): http://tinyurl.com/c97fz5t


Pictures (Titled Escape # (- *something*)): http://tinyurl.com/cvvlsfl


"The Covenant invaded Earth and got defeated. Unfortunately just as we thought we won, some flood spores arrived on a meteorite. The metorite happend to hit a big city and thus the flood infestation spread rapidly and became uncontrollable. Now the only way to stop the flood is to nuke the city. The nuke is already on its way and we have to escape before it drops. There's only one building that can withstand such an incredible explosion and that's where we're headed. Get on your mongooses and ghosts! This is gona be a bumpy ride!"


This map/gametype is more of a challenge rather than a gamemode, because it is really hard to survive as a human. The idea is that the humans will try to escape and evade the flood and get inside the building using vehicles. Meanwhile the flood will try to stop the humans from getting into the building and kill them. When inside the building, humans get 500% damage resistance, 3x overshield and infinite ammo (these are not the only traits they get). The building holds 2 spartan lasers and 3 rocket launchers so the flood practically loses if survivors get into the building. The nuclear bomb drops and kills everyone outside the building at the end of each round (awesome, right?), so you can't just hide somewhere as a human. This should be played with 10-16 players (the more players there are, the better chances of survival the humans have).


There are some minor issues in the map, because the budjet is completely full (the issues don't affect the gameplay that much though). The building has doors that should close few seconds before the nuclear explosion, but they very rarely work. Also few other objects tend not to spawn sometimes.


Music recommendation (Halo 2 OST - Unyielding):


Why the heck did I recommend music!?: It's just something I do.


Why the heck did I recommend that specific song!?:

I recently played Halo 2's campaign and I got some inspiration from it. I really liked the parts in which you have to play as the Arbiter and drive a ghost. At the start of the mission 'Quarantine Zone' you have to drive

(I chose to drive with the ghost) and fight against the flood or evade the flood. That is where I got the idea to make a minigame where the flood is using vehicles. There is a flood controlled scopion tank on that level (which is terrifying). That is where I got the idea of putting a flood controlled scorpion into my map.


Also the song is one of the best ones I've ever heard and it fits this gamemode perfectly!

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A 'nova' visual effect will spawn. Then a teleporter spawns, which teleports all players (not the ones in the bunker) into the sea. I wanted to do it with kill barriers so that vehicles would explode, but it doesn't work (so lets just say that everything vaporizes :>).

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I could see this being used in the Flood gametype pretty well. Kinda like Resident Evil where everyone's gotta get out before the entire city gets bombed and vaporized!

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Awesome idea bro, hats off to you :)


when you are in the building, the nova effect will still be blinding?


maybe, a few seconds after the nova effect spawns, you should add the juicy and colorblind effect to tone it down, as if the bomb finished exploding....


or have you already done that?


and how long is it before the effect spawns? if it's more than 3 minutes how did you do it?


I can't look at the map, I'll be overseas soon.


if it's 3 minutes, that's probably too short. You can delay it's spawn time by placing a vehicle there. After 3 minutes, a fusion coil will spawn and drop beside it, making it near-destruction. after another 3 minutes, another fusion coil will drop, destroying the mongoose and allowing the effect to spawn in 6 minutes instead of 3... I'm not very sure if this will work though, as it is an effect and not a normal forge piece. it works for normal forge pieces.



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