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Who has the better Railgun?


Hello! I have a minigame map and gametype for everyone to try.


Gamertag: SixWaysToSunday


Map: Throne of Rails



Gametype: Railgun Massacre FFA



Player Count: 4-10, best at 8.


  This is a railgun only FFA. The map includes two teleporters, two elevated platforms, an instant kill barrier outside the building, and a single line of sight blocker. It's designed so that players spawn into combat, sometimes looking directly at each other. 

  The gametype has only railguns with infinite ammo. Each player can beatdown and assassinate, which creates map flow by giving an incentive for players to flank. The scoring has been modified so players earn a point for each death, creating strange scores that people often comment on after playing. The lead player has a waypoint and overshield visual (not an actual overshield) so players know who to target. The spawns allow you to modified the gametype for teams or multi teams, although it is designed as a FFA.


  Please try it out and send me feedback through my gamertag or these forums. Thanks and I hope you guys have fun!




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