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Armor Watcher 2.0 - Now with 77% more Halo!  

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We're back, and better than ever.

Feedback would still be appreciated as I'm still working on this site.


After weeks of doing nothing productive at all, staring at my screen or my tv while playing Halo or Minecraft, I decided to give my old site, Armorwatcher.tk, a complete overhaul. This time I wanted to make it as mobile friendly as possible, so I started all the way from scratch again.

I spent three days writing the new version of my website, learning bits and pieces of javascript as I went along. I chose javascript so you don't have to load or reload a page every single time, which cuts down on costs if you're roaming and can't get a wifi connection. After the first day the site was basically done, and over the next two days most of the javascript was added. Now I'm just adding more features when I feel like it, such as the desktop mode for those who want to use the new site on a computer too.

Anyhow, without further ado, I present to you:

Armor Watcher 2.0! Currently v.0.6.1
As of version 0.5.4, pc's are automatically redirected to the desktop version, if you want to view the mobile version you'll have to either spoof the User-Agent string or just, you know, view it on a mobile.

Mobile Apps
If you want to cut back on costs even more, here's an app that basically has the site embedded in it, so that it'll only use the internet to retrieve the actual images:

Download the App here! v.0.5.4 (Not up to date)
Android, Windows Phone, WebOS and Symbian versions available.

Current Features

  • Halo 4 Armor Viewer (via Gamertag)
  • Halo Reach Armor Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever)
  • Halo 3 Armor Generator
  • Halo 4 Emblem Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever)
  • Halo 4 Emblem Generator
  • Halo Reach Emblem Viewer (via Gamertag, first one ever)
  • Halo 3 Emblem Generator

Planned Features

  • Halo Reach Emblem Generator
  • Halo 3: ODST Emblem Generator
  • Halo 2 Emblem Generator
  • Maybe stats?


v.0.6.2 - Current 

- Made images download on click 
- New mobile app release with following fixes: 
- Mobile App background changed back to fix scrolling issues 
- Added all the current viewers/generators to mobile apps 
- Renamed Armor Watcher Mobile to Armor Watcher 2.0 

- Added Halo Reach Emblem Viewer, first one ever :D
- Added Halo 3 Emblem Generator
- Updated mobile version to reflect changes of desktop version
- Changed bg of mobile version back because fixed bg doesn't work on some devices
- Made images open in new tab when clicked
- Hosted default images on same server as website to speed up loading
- Fixed Halo 4 Emblem viewer to support spaces in Gamertags
- Fixed a height issue for the Halo 4 Armor viewer on desktop mode, again :/

- App versions available for OpenOS and Symbian
- Fixed Halo Reach Armor viewer to support spaces in Gamertags
- Desktop users automatically get redirected to the desktop version

- Fixed some backend coding
- Fixed height issue for the Halo 4, 3 and Reach Armor viewer on the desktop mode

- Made all tabs open by default for the desktop mode
- Added background to the tab bodies

- Fixed some backend coding
- Added Halo Reach Armor viewer, first one ever.
- Added Halo 4 Emblem viewer, first one ever

- App released for Windows Phone
- Added Halo 4 Emblem generator.
- Added desktop mode!

- Fixed some backend coding
- Added Halo 3 Armor generator.
! Released to the public on a few select forums

- Fixed some backend coding
- Added poses on Halo 4 Armor viewer.
- Added links to Armor retrieved with the armor viewer.

- Fixed some backend coding
- Fixed layout issues
- Added custom javascript functions to open and close body of tabs
- Changed the arrows to white arrows for the tab indicators

- Wrote basic backend coding
- Wrote basic retrieval javascript for Halo 4, needs fixing.
- Created basic layout and made some different concepts

Some outdated screenshots

Samsung Galaxy Ace (Android 2.3.6)


iPhone 5 (thanks to _____)


Windows Phone (Thanks to Glitch)

Please note that Internet Explorer likes to screw things up even on a Windows Phone.
The App version hasn't been tested yet, it might turn out better than this, but not likely.
EDIT: The blue box things around images have been fixed and won't show up anymore.

HTC One S (Android 4.0.4)

Screenshots were taken before I added background images to the headers.


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Useful, but done before on other sites....


I dunno.

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Useful, but done before on other sites....


I dunno.

I know for a fact that a Halo 4 Armor viewer, Halo Reach Armor viewer, Halo 4 Emblem Viewer and Halo Reach Emblem Viewer all have never been done before by anyone else on any other site.

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