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Precursors - Star Roads Technology and the Flood

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Now, here me out. Though I fully believe that all remnants of Precursor technology are gone in this galaxy - this being the Halo fictitious one - wouldn't there be Precursor remains in the other galaxy the Librarian traveled too? It is mentioned she traveled to this other galaxy, saw 'star roads' and some other Precursor artifacts, along with ancient forerunner warships. 


Now onto my more pressing question. 


What if in the next few installments of the Halo games series, the flood returns - being precursors - and regains the use of their old neural physics technology?

That would be a sight to see. The books described the creation of 'star roads' so vividly, I would love to see how they would make that on screen. 


Any thoughts?

What would you guys think about them bringing in Precursor technology and giving the flood the use of it?

Would it make the flood seem more mysterious, dark, ancient, incomprehensible? A more formidable enemy perhaps?

Would it make for better games - in terms of campaign missions - ? 


Post away!!

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She Travelled To "Path Kethona" Which is the large magellanic cloud later in the story Faber Fires a halo ring directly at that galaxy destroying all the precursors structures.



I don't think bringing the precursors in would be smart since you have to activate a super weapon just to destroy their technologies. Unless the humans created weapons that emitted sheer amounts of radiation Instead.


To Me The precursors were integral to the forerunners story and understanding what went wrong with them and how they weren't fit for the mantle. There wasn't much at in in silentium brought up about the humans and precursors other than they were chosen. I think the forerunners might be integral to us.

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In Silentium, it was mentioned - a very heavy plot point throughout the entire Forerunner saga of books - that humanity had developed a cure for the Flood. There was in fact no cure, because in Silentium it was revealed that the Flood are Precursors and that they had simply receded, and did not infect humanity on purpose as they had chosen them to be true upholders of the Mantle. 


And yes, while I am aware Fabar fired a Omega Halo towards 'Path Kethona', I still have the understanding that the Omega Halos were used as a means of a beam weapon of sorts. They still possess the Halo Effect, however, they concentrate it through the use of a beam. Though it was never specified how far the beam reaches, and as well, the Sphere they passed on the way to Path Kethona is also subject in this case. Its purpose was never explained fully - they mentioned something about a slip space anchor of sorts.


343 had explained that this series - Halo 4 - 6 - would be a much darker, and ultimately more culminating story line from start to finish. I believe they will bring the Precursors back - the Flood in particular. The only difference I believe they will make to the Flood this time however, is they will fully explain what it is, where it came from, and why it exists. I do not believe they bring in an actual Precursor, but if they bring back the Flood and delve into its dark origins, I would figure it would make the games a lot more dark, mysterious for some people. For someone like me - before I started reading - I was always a little angry with how they left Halo 3, and never explaining what the Flood was, or why it was there.


So, to summarize:

--Flood, bring back, give them their old technologies to spice things up

--Path Kethona - is it there? And if so who is there?

--Humanity - chosen by Precursors to inherit Mantle - thought to have a cure for the Flood (in reality, it was all part of a Flood plan, there is no real cure)

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I don't know if i honestly trust the statement about there not being a cure whatsoever because of this


 He raised his arm as high as he could. “Beside it flew a large machine with a single green eye.” He laced his gnarled, knobby fingers together, shaping a kind of complicated ball. “These two spoke in our heads as well as in our ears—telling us of our fates. The Primordial and Green-eye were deciding who would live and who would die.


“But some who had been taken to the Palace of Pain returned. At first we were happy that they were back, but then we saw how some had changed. Some grew other skins, other eyes, other arms. They broke apart and joined together, then made others sick. They wailed in pain and tried to touch us. These poor monsters died, or we killed them later. “And Green-eye said to the Beast, ‘Not all resist . . . not all survive.’ But most do. Why? Why do many survive, but some do not?” Gamelpar shuddered. “Twisted death. Death that spreads like spilled blood. Those who survived . . . who did not die . . . the Forerunners took some back to the Palace of Pain, and some they left behind. We do not know how they chose. And then . . .”



Why would the Primordial spend it's limited free time testing on a cure that didn't exist? How could the flood just die off? Why would he being leading MB on when the machine is on his side?


I think there was a cure because the precursors themselves clearly aren't invulnerable so the cure combined with the willingness of the Humans to give themselves up might have pushed the flood back. There was no reason for the primordial to go through such lengths if there was absolutely
no cure to start with.



I can get the quote for Path Kethona being Wiped out by the ring if needed.


Well they said halo 5 would be darker. I don't think they will just bring the precursors in as we are just now getting the forerunners after ten years. The origins of the flood would be an interesting bit to explain if done right.



Well halo 3 was to explain that but had a major change in development just before they put the game out. If you read the original script you see many things that were to happen then going on right now.

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The quote above refers to an inert immunity as not all sentient life survives the conversion - not everything survives being made into flood spawn. 

And sentient life also resists - Captain Keyes in the CE terminals resists at first, but eventually succumbs. 


The Primordial had mentioned in Silentium that he had deceived everybody, I would imagine that would include MB. I could find the quote if you would like.


As well I am aware that the Omega Halo was fired "in the direction of Path Kethona" , though it never states that Path Kethona was in fact wiped out. I also have the quote for this if you require it.


And - AND - Precursors are the Flood. I am not talking about bringing in anything else but the Flood. I merely suggested they should have the Flood come back, but with the use of Precursor technology like they had during the war with the Forerunners - AND YES I am aware that the Halos destroy Precursor technology, I merely suggested that it would give the flood a more 'darkening' presence if they had it. 


And yes, I am sure there is a thread somewhere arguing the validity of there being a 'cure' for the Flood. However, Greg Bear and 343 shot that horse in the face in Silentium - quotation available upon request.


And yes, Halo 3 did have more on the flood, but they cut it out because it did not fit with the overall story, they had said they regretted not having put more back story into Halo 2 so they could have had a bigger reveal in Halo 3. --Which thankfully 343 is rectifying. 


I like you IMendicantBias , but you will have to do better than an obscure quote from Primordial to convince me. 

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Keyes was able to resist because it was noted the flood forms were weak from being dormant for so long. We don't have a single account of anything resisting infection when the flood are fully active.I have not seen a single indication in the halo canon with the flood dying because they couldn't infect a lifeform nor does that make sense because the flood can revive the dead.


So the fact that the humans who were said to the cure died while being infected is rather important. I see no reason for the primordial to test this cure if the flood were pulling back the entire time. The characters in the novel even suspected the reason for all the experiments.

uperior, intensely pure curiosity—far colder and more precise and disciplined than anything I had ever known. These entities were expressing an almost cruelly isolated and lofty interest in the stages of an ongoing experiment. Was there some sense of satisfaction at this melding of so many Forerunners and humans? Some triumphal revisiting of an ancient plan, long ago frustrated, then abandoned, but now possible once more? Could Forerunners and humans be recombined and reverse their shivering asunder so many millions of years before . . . when the Primordial and the last of its kind decided on a larger, wider strategy, a greater plan that would no doubt bring about immense pain, but also a greater unity of all things. . . . Through the Flood, the Shaping Sickness. The greatest challenge and contest of all.

There had to be some reasoning with the primordial doing all of that because i say again, i do not think we would waste his free time.


 Our minds reel at the sudden release of Halo radiation. No neurological being, no biological system, can withstand for long proximity to such a discharge. The multidimensional radiated field stretches out, as designed, to Path Kethona. Massless, subtle, deadly, it will cross that great distance in mere instants. Halo energy does not recognize space and time.  
Path Kethona is already dead.

Sorry i am just being technical that is all. The flood was an unintended side affect but yes at this point they are one and the same. I get you.


But Sc-fi doesn't always work like that. I'll stop talking about this point though.

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The Flood never 'pulled back' , they simply did not harm human colonies and settlements, after they had been devolved by the Didact. There were not many of them and so it was thought they had a cure.


Still not quite sure what the quote above is, or in what context does it relate to the supposed 'cure'. The first quote is talking about a plan the Precursors had to make forerunners and humans one and the same. The reasoning behind that was something to do with the forerunner uprising and the humans being named the true inheritors of the Mantle. 


And yes, your second quote is the quote from Silentium I was referring too. However, it was theorized that Path Kethona was not actually radiated. Bornstellar's interpretation of the effectiveness of the Omega Halo was observed, however the actual effectiveness was never really proven. The Omega Halos were never fired outside of this one instance. Though agreed, it does reference the fact that it was fired in towards Path Kethona, and so it is considered dead. 


Well played. However, one must also argue that the Omega Halos were never tested. The Lesser Halos yes, Fabar tested it at Charum Hakkor. So, if Omega Halo was indeed fired towards Path Kethona - which it was - did it wipe out the planet the forerunners were on? or the whole area? Something else to explain I would think. 


I would also like to believe the Greater Ark is still out there, having been repaired after Omega Halo's destruction. Mainly because 343 had already let slip that the Lesser Ark is still there, badly damaged from the firing of Installation 04, but ultimately it still exists. 


Something else I will make a thread on: WTF was at the center of the Lesser Ark? It was never explained, though it was briefly mentioned in one of the forerunner books but was never given explicit detail. 


Anywhos so to summarize:

--Flood never pulled back, simlpy avoided human occupied space (part of plan to trick forerunners into wasting time finding a cure)

--cure was non existant, quote above merely supplies context to the Precursor's motives behind the creation - or accidental happening upon - the Flood)

--Omega Halo's effectiveness was never proven, merely assumed. Whether or not life still exists in Path Kethona is unknown (though Bornstellar assumes it is dead)

--Lesser Ark still there, not gone - so Greater Ark could be (home for forerunners after they left the galaxy perhaps?) 

--and requiring information regarding the Lesser Ark, and what was at the center (planet like thing in the center)

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