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Flood Playlist Update  

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  1. 1. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Flood should be updated with new maps and game types.
    • Flood should stay the way it is.

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I'll be brief. Sort of.


Infection has been a staple since Halo 2. In Halo 4, it still garners a significant following--around 3,000 players on average. That's a lot of mouths to feed. Some people say it's nothing compared to the 37,000 it had at launch, but the numbers have stayed consistent after the dropout several weeks after the game's release. Right now, my opinion of the Flood playlist is not good. There are only a few maps in circulation; the players have memorized the camping spots, causing predictable rounds; the rounds are incredibly fast and don't have structure. We need an update for Flood. Here are my suggestions:


-Set the number of players to 10-12. I'm not sure what it's at right now, but fewer players in each match will make it playable for a variety of game types. Speaking of which...


-We need more game types. The current playlist has only the one with Flood shooting across the map with Thruster Packs and humans shooting across the map with Shotguns and Magnums. Have some variety! It's amazing what the community has come up with this time around. There are dozens of game types to change it up: Phagion, Necrosis, even Slenderman. Most people never get to play these awesome creations because it's too much of hassle to set up game nights, or maybe they don't want to play Flood in the first place because it's too monotonous. Speaking of monotonous...


-Currently there are only eight maps in rotation for Flood: Solace, Adrift, Complex, Haven, Abandon, Landfall, Daybreak, and Perdition. Of those eight, most will only be able to play on the first five because the last three are DLC. Of those five, only Adrift and Abandon have the right ambiance for the game type. None of these maps is tailored specifically for Flood. Here's where the community comes in: there are dozens of solid Flood maps with outstanding aesthetics and balanced game play. To name a few: Shroom Plague, set above the acid pool on Erosion; Lone Spirit Pass, an excellent holdout-style map set on the beautiful Forge Island; Emerald Mine, a derelict mining colony gone horribly wrong.


Other playlists get biweekly updates. Look at Team Throwdown; it's received the most attention out of all the playlists, yet it only attracts 650 players on average, significantly less than Flood. We need an update. Comment what you think, and don't forget to vote.



Links: Shroom Plague -- 

 ; Lone Spirit Pass -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKGknnSykvg ; Emerald Mine -- 

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Don't play flood so I can't comment. It seems that flood are too hard to kill but kill you easier now.


I learnt my lesson about infection-dont play it for a positive K/D. I learnt on Reach. I'll vote for update, as I love the stuff made by people like ZipZapZop

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I think flood should be made more like it was in reach. Zombies have full health but no shields, making them vulnerable to head shots. I mean if the flood can use thruster pack (which is super OP in flood) than we should be able to kill them at range. Their should also be gametypes which utilize assault rifle starts.

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Good news! 343i is updating Flood with three community Forge creations: Black Site by The Fated Fire, Malice by AgentPaperCraft, and Serenity by DG Intensity. I've already seen two of these maps featured on respectable Forging channels, which means the maps must be pretty good. This is the perfect present for my birthday. Also updated with new maps are Rumble Pit, Team Objective, SWAT, Team Snipers, and Infinity Slayer; I'll see you all in matchmaking!


Source: http://halo4nation.com/news/halo-bulletin-5-2-13-map-updates/

(links to map showcases coming soon...)



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