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Hello everyone


I would like to make a topic speaking a little bit into the future, the future being Halo 5. I have a few unlikely ideas for H5, but that's what I want this to be about. Unlikely, cool-if-it-happened, kind of things. Things that are probably not going to make it into the game, but you would talk about it all week if they did.


I have a few ideas...


Pulse field (new AA): Startup time and recovery time like autosentry/regen, range slightly less than regen field. Sends out a strong pulse of kinetic force that pushes upwards and away on everything around it. Vehicles, teammates, active grenades, you name it. Could provide a BLAMing awsome solution and punishment for splatter-happy ghosts, make for some great grenade theater clips, and force enemies to stay away from cliffs. 


Drop Pod: ONE ITEM in forge. get in, nullifies fall damage, breaks off when you hit the ground. Vehicle pods could also drop vehicles, nullifying fall dmg, and a timer could be set on when the pod drops after being activated. Small splash dmg to nearby enemies, death if dropped on someone's head.


Damage Despawning: Set a dmg value on any forge item. When it takes that amount of dmg, it despawns with the forerunner 'disintegration' effect. Collapsing buildings made easy! Halo spleef made way more awesome!


Vehicle Constructors-: Forge-only single-use items, costing as much as their respective vehicles. One type for every vehicle in the game, another for random. Replaces grenade. carrying cap of 1. Use to digitally construct a vehicle on yourself, Tron Lightbike style. Useful in obstacle corses as well as creative maps. Imagine Jumping off a cliff and digitally constructing a banshee around you, or doing something similar with a mantis.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GBLtnxxtzQ



Share your ideas/thoughts!


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Nice ideas, I can see many unique GT's andminigames to be implemented if these are added.


And Alan, can you actually post and add something instead of complaining about 343? It is rather annoying for everyone else.

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