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                                                      :[ *Warning* This Post Will Be Very Long ]:



First off i would like to ask for no trolling, no hating and no going out of your way to make someone look stupid. This thread is for halo 5 Ideas no matter how good or bad they are. Fill free to post any ideas you have.
[Weapons & Equipment]: 
I would love to see them add all the halo weapons to halo 5. If not be able to choose what skin it has so you can say make a Storm rifle look like a Plasma Rifle. Also choose able  plasma colors like with the Brute Plasma Rifles and the Elite Plasma Rifles.  As well as new ones.
If all the weapons would be added back some would need to be changed to make them more usable. 
*Focus Rifle* I think this should come back as a anti-vehicle weapon. Where it would do very high damage to vehicles but low damage to infantry. Another way I could see this is take away its x10 zoom and have it as a medium to long range rifle instead of being a long to very long sniper (I never once saw this used as a sniper in matchmaking.).
*Brute Shot* I think this should have a one shot melee kill, 4 round clip (like halo 2) and do high damage to infantry and low damage to vehicles.
*Concussion Rifle* High damage to light vehicles and be able to flip them, low damage to infantry with Knock back and medium damage to heavy vehicles.
*Duel Wield* This need to come back I heard they were going to add it in halo 4 but they couldn't get it to work. Never the less it needs to make a come back even if its something you add for a custom load outs. 
*Bolt shot* Okay I have not used this since it got nerfed so I don't know how it works now. I think it needs to work in this way. Charged shot only knocks down shields or kill you if you have no shields with a overheat 2 sec cooldown. Single fire would do the less damage but higher rate of fire then magnum. 
*SMG* Duel-wield able and higher rate of fire then the AR and a 60 round clip with spread. (like halo 3) 
*ODST SMG* same as the SMG but nonduel-wield able and with zoom.
*Mauler* Duel-wield able and  two shots would do the same damage as one UNSC shotgun shot.
*Plasma Rifle* Same as SMG but with all plasma weapons it would knock down the shields faster then the SMG but health slower.
*Bring back the halo 3 equipment in ether loadouts or get them on the battlefield. You would have equipment and armor abilites.
*NO MORE CUSTOM LOADOUTS* I would like to see halo reach loadout setup back. I don't like custom loadout but I wouldn't mind to much if they stayed. I just fell halo is more about finding your weapon on the field then spawning with it.
Leave in being able to see power weapons on your hud.  Its not fair to players who have never played on a map that other player have played on and know where all the power weapons are.
*LEAVE IN ORDNANCE* I LOVE THIS ABOUT HALO 4. This is why, I am bad with a sniper. Not because I'm bad at the game but because I don't get to use it that much. Ever since Halo 4 ive gotten batter at sniping in all the Halos. ordnance gives players a chance to use a weapon and get used to it with out taking the weapon away from the players that are good with it. Before think you think just play team snipers. Think about this if you rarely use a weapon it wouldn't be fair to you if you are playing against players who always use that weapon.
Some weapons you would see in campaign, firefight and custom games but wouldn't see them in Match making.
[Forge & Theater modes]: 
*Bring back Forge world and sandbox.
*Add in a new map thats FLAT with nothing on it and by this I mean something like the flat world in minecraft (NOT LIKE FORGE ISLAND). Here you would beable to place anything in the game any building, rock, mountain, ect... 
*Holo Mode* Okay this is what holo mode is. When you place a item (Say a Bunker box) in the ground and have it so the door is facing away you can toggle holo mode. Which would allow you to go into the item even though its in the ground.
*Despawn timers* So you can make a item despawn in game.  Would be fun having to run to a skull before the floor drops under you.
*Toggle movement*  This would let a item move in a set path or directions that you set in forge.
*Firefight forge*
*NPC Spawn* Not just for firefight forge but you could add them for any gametpye.
*MORE items in forge*
*Bring back things that where taken out in reach and halo 3 for forge*
*Add things like computers and trash cans*
*Changeable skins* so you can change items to look like items for Brutes, UNSC, Forerunner,  Covenant, Flood and Maybe a new race >.>  <,<  >.>
*Weather control* so you can change Day/night, rainy, snow, foggy, sandstorm and lightning.
*Changable landscape* so you can change from sand, snow, grass, swamp, AND SPACE ! 
*Traits on weapons*  This would let you set traits to weapons in forge mode so you can have one say AR that does more damage to another AR.
[Being able to make your own campaign]: 
*Addable Voice to Theater Mode*
*Addable effects to Theater Mode*
*Forge able triggers* A triggers is something you can put in in forge and it will trigger a cutscene you make in Theater Mode.
*Multi Maps* After you do one thing in a map like act activate a trigger it will load the next map.
[Custom games & gametpyes]:
FIRST OFF FOR THIS I WOULD LIKE TO SAY.... I do not want multiplayer to have a story to it a reason why spartans are fighting spartan. I just dont want it to be on the same story as the campaign. I was told thats why they took elites out of multiplayer.
*Other playerable Race* I wanna be able to choose my race no matter the same tpye from Flood, Brute, Elite, Spartan, Prometheans and the forerunner like the Didact.
*Playable grunts vs marines For Invasion*
Bring back games tpye that were taken out like invasion and race.
*No more Custom loadout in MM*
*Flood Firefight*
Return of Coagulation.
[*More gametpye options*]: here are some
Increase/Decrease Weapon damage for each weapon and not just the play.
Increase/Decrease how much ammo you can have in your weapon and how much ammo for that weapon you can hold.
Toggle health. In halo Reach and Halo CE you could toggle shields but not health.
Toggle drop flag
Toggle have pistol with flag or i would also like to beable to change the pistol to any one-handed weapon EVEN A
Toggle throw Skull/bomb 
Changable Cool down/over heat on vehicles weapons
I would like to see all the vehicles back and each race have there own verson of that vehicle as well as new ones  also a flood skin for each one and changable camo skins for them.
For Example:
Also idea for a new Vehicle it was something i saw in halo custom edition a motorcycle with 2 chain guns mounted on it it would be the UNSCs Ghost.
[Campaign & Story]: 
Lot of People want cortana back I being one of them. They could bring her back as a ghost that only chief can see I say this because she was made with human DNA. Now if they didn't bring her back i wouldn't be all OMFGWTF BBFQ WHY I HATE YOU no i wouldn't do that. >.> <,< >.>
MORE STORY IN THE GAME for one thing I didn't know why I was attacking my once found ally and the only way to find this info is in a easteregg... This was a bad move.
Also there was almost no story in the gameplay all of it was in the cutscenes that needs to change in halo 5.
After halo 6 I would still like game with chief in it at some point. Also I would like other halo games with other Heros like I wanna know if noble 6 died or if something happened in a split second. More halo ODST games and halo games based off of the books would be fun.
More spartan ops in halo 5 and more story to it yeah I know season 2 isnt out yet. Also i want it to fell more like the campaign but where its MY Spartans story.
Lastly we don't know what the xbox 720 is gonna be like so halo can change alot because of it some of the thing 343 wanted to do they couldn't because of the 360 I will be adding more to this and I would like if YOU add your ideas as well.


Oh How could I forget The arbiter and a playable elite campaign.

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go i mean go just go for adding cortana back dont have to change her just keep halo 4 cortana keep her keep her now plz give back cortana now or  :popo:

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I agree with everything you said, Warwolfrider. From top to bottom. Excellent and thorough ideas. Completely adds back the skill and feel of "HALO", unlike Halo 4. Halo 4 takes about 40% as much skill as Halo Reach. 343, if you really want to produce at least one decent game in your life, scroll up and you will find enlightenment. No more trying to add in a new flavour to Halo. Prometheans are spice enough. I mean, what you guys want is a "new HALO experience" right? Not a "new gaming experience".

And for the Cortana part, here's the deal:

Composer turns organic things in digital data, right? Cortana = digital data. Reverse the Composer. Cortana takes up human form. BOOM, *******.

I feel that 343 Industries won't even take a peek at this. And no offence, but Halo Anniversary and Halo 4 was a complete waste of '0's and '1's.

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Guest halo lover 117

I love halo 4 but Im a big fan of elites I was very upset that elites were not in forge or custom I wanted to tell the people who make halo that they should make elites in halo 5 I want to be a game designer im 13 years old I live in Seguin texas my name is Sebastian rodriguez elites should be main enemy in the halo 5 they should call it halo 5 rise of the covenant I wanted to know if I could get an application for game designing elites should be powerful than usual bigger faster stronger and u should be abel to be in fathom in forge offline and firefight u should be able to upgrade armor like spartans but for elites and should be regular upgrade like halo 4 :-)

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