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Authors: Jernst Reborn and TurbTastic


Map: Aggro Crag


Gametype: Aggro Crag


Based on the previous race map Everest Cavern, this mini-game features the fun aspect of trying to race your mongoose up a rocky cliff while crates and barricades tumble down towards you. Just like in the show Nickelodeon GUTS, race against your friends to the top of the Crag to hit the actuator (in this case grab the oddball) while dodging falling debris. The actuator is sitting in the hand of the Giant Shmeef, so don't make him angry!


We tested out many party sizes for this minigame and its fun all around from 3-16 players! The rounds are set to 3 minutes and there are 7 rounds, but with large parties the rounds usually only last a minute or two. Feel free to change it to 9 rounds or whatever you want. There is a teleporter system below the cliff so if you fall off of your mongoose you aren't totally lost! Trust me i've seen many people come from behind and win the round even after falling off the edge clear.png Also important if you do fall off your mongoose and can't reach your own (jumping is disabled until the top temple) you can fall off the side of the cliff and there are extras near the bottom.


I hope you enjoy the track and let us know what you think!


The Giant Shmeef, guardian of the temple....



The Crag...



The starting line!



And they're off!







Watch out for the falling barricades, they're slow but pack a punch!



More importantly watch out for the other drivers, they aren't on your team clear.png



Gettin rocked! It's hilarious watching your friends get knocked past you clear.png



Almost at the temple....



You made it to the Giant Shmeef! Grab the idol and win the round!




Please leave your feedback! Thanks for playing clear.png

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Hey, nice to meet you. I was planning to feature this map on my Youtube channel. I've been planning to do it for a long time but I couldn't contact you :)

Would you be ok with that?

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