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Need help with posting in forums

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Hello, I need help on putting in a picture to forum post.  I am new at posting in forums and I really want to submit a forge map that I made to THFE, but I can't figure out how to include a picture.  If anyone can tell me how to do this, it would be very appreciated and I will mail you a fresh baked muffin.

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Either upload one from your computer by using "My Media" or use the following BBcode This here where you put the url of your image, from a photosharing site [*/img] (note not to use the *. I had to so I can show you.

Hope that helps.

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I'll go with the easily organized way - upload to internet first. I use it to upload my forge map images, along with....stuff.


First of all, find a good uploading site. I use Photobucket, but others work too. 




Upload it, obviously. Now, head to where you can get the link. Copy the one that is the 'Direct Link', which, if used, brings you straight to a site which has nothing but that image.




Then, click the below symbol, which is available when you make your post.




Paste the link, and your image will appear! This is available for Signatures as well.


I hope this helped! It's what I used - and will use - for all of my map submissions.

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