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I am proud to introduce a 8-16 player competitive slayer map on Forge Island. This map features several powerful vehicles, jumps, aesthetics, and more!


Gamertag- Trio of Kings

Map Name- Compitum


Gametype- Slayer (CTF, oddball, and other gamemodes coming soon)

Player Amount- 8-16


Weapons on Map- Rocket launcher (Defenders), Rail gun (Attackers), Sniper rifle (Neutral)


Vehicles on Map (Per Team)- 2x Ghost, Mongoose, Warthog, Scorpion, Mantis; Rocket hog (Neutral)



Compitum is a competitive map on the middle island of Forge Islands, and is built in a V shape. On each "end" of the 

V, there is a base, Attackers or Defenders. At the point of the V there is a sniper on a tower, along with a rocket warthog. This map is Forge compatible, so if you start this map in Forge, just open up the tools, press "Delete by Pallet", then scroll to the bottom and hit "Delete Everything". All the items I locked will then still be there, like the map outline and a small part of each teams' base. Everything else you can edit to your liking.





Attacker (Blue) Base:


Defender (Red) Base:


Middle Front:


Middle Back:







Thank you for reading, please consider doing a map review of Compitum.


                                                      -Trio of Kings

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