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Map Name:

The Colony Revelation


File Share Gamertag:



Canvas Map:



Last Updated:

March, 31th, 2013



colony, revelation, bridge, impact, flood, tank, elevator


Supported Game types:

Flood ONLY


Best Gametypes:

GT Revelation (Flood) download it!

(Starting Flood count set on 2

3 different classes for the Humans as Start Loadouts)


Intended Team Size(s):

8 to 16 Players

5 Initial Spawn Points Attacker   (Flood)

14 Initial Spawn Points Defender (Humans)


Initial Ordnance:


On the Mine Roof:

1 Rocket Launcher               100 resupply Time

1 Assault Rifle                       150 resupply Time

1 Shotgun                             100 resupply Time

1 Sniper Rifle                        100 resupply Time

1 Sticky Detonator                  60 resupply Time

2 Frag Grenades  (x2)             60 resupply Time

1 Autosentry                            30 resupply Time


At the Cavern Entrance:

1 Assault Rifle                       150 resupply Time

1 Shotgun                             100 resupply Time

1 Sticky Detonator                  30 resupply Time

1 Frag Grenades                    60 resupply Time


Random Ordnance:

2 Damage Boost                      1 on the stack crane (risk vs. reward)

1 Saw                                       in the Drill Tank         (risk vs. reward)

1 Battle Rifle / DMR             


Weapons on Map:

2 Machine Gun Turrets    no respawn Time

2 Base Turrets


Armor Abilities:

1 Autosentry


Power ups:

2 Damage Boost                    (see: Random Ordnance)


Supported Vehicles:




9735 / 10000



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Download link:



Video Flythrough, Overview Link:



Map Trait Zones:

Yes, in the Elevator, to prevent the Players jump and to flow upside and get stucket without activating the Elevator.

Jump high set to 0%


Map Description:

For better understanding, I will call the Building on Impact: Mine

The Mine is located    on side A,

The Crash side           on side B of the map


This map is inspired by the Movie “Aliens“ .

The Marines (Human Players) came at Colony 13, after the Colonists send a distress signal home in part 1 “The Colony Outbreak”. But their Pelican get hit by the AA- Battery for some unknown reason and it crashed at side B of the Map. The Marines could not find any Miners or Scientists but instead a flood infected Colony. The first thought of an recon- and repair Mission turn out to be an survivor trip…


Additional Info:

The Marines (Humans) start at the Pelicans wreckage. If you spawn in the crashed Pelican, bring your *** quick out of there. It is surrounded from a Soft kill area to prevent the Marines to just sit there and wait for the flood to catch them. It also simulates maybe an explosion that could happened after the Pelican crashed..


Go first check out the damaged Bridge. There will be spawned a Man Cannon at the edge of the damaged Bridge in the center after 90 seconds. That will catapult the Players to the other side.

(There is a little Soft kill area around the spawning Man Cannon to prevent players to block the cannon from spawning).

They can also try to climb up the bridge with well timed jumps like you can see on the screenshots and jump to the other side without been killed. If one or more Human Players choose the Recon class, there is an excellent spot on top of the Bridge. But be warned; the flood Player can easily jump with the Thruster pack from the crashed Satellite on the Bridge.


Once they reached side A, they chose to run to the Cavern on the left or use the Elevator to go up the Mine`s roof. There is also a Saw - Random Ordnance in the Drill Tank and 2 Damage Boost-Power Ups nearby. Good Luck!


The Infected Colonists (Flood) try to catch the Marines. There are several Initial Spawn points spread around side B of the Map. Once they were killed they will always respawn inside the two big Holes of side B. After 140 sec it will spawn a Teleporter at the exit of the two Holes. They will take the Flood Players in the Truck and on Frame of the Bridge on side a. Later on there will be activated more receiver nodes around the Mine… Good Hunt!


Background Story:

Log of Lt. Gorman

Fire Team Charlie

December 23, 2645


This is my last assignment as acting Colonial Lieutenant before my retirement.

I am looking forward to going home after this last mission. I haven`t seen my family for 9 months.


We were just dispatched from the Frigate and are now on our way to Colony 13. We lost contact after we received a distress signal two weeks ago.

I have always been curious about the scientist’s working on such a remote and desolate place. There have been strange rumors evolving with the discovery of some big stone they call, the Monolith….


…Our own AA-Battery on Colony 13 shot us down!!

Fortunately we had no casualties and all supplies are safe, but the Pelican is gone…

The Satellite here has also been destroyed. There is no way we can communicate with the Command Base. Dammit! It looks like we’re trapped here…

There are no life signs from the Colonist’s so far. I have a bad feeling about this.

Anyway, we’ll have to reach the excavation site and shut down the Battery before it annihilates everything!


“Marines!!! At once! To the Bridge!!...Wait…Where are those strange noises coming from? Do you hear them too?”


We managed to cross the Bridge. No life signs yet. This place has been abandoned for some reason.

Those howls are persistently becoming louder. Where ever their coming from, they seem as they’re getting closer and are making the team very nervous. I believe that those howls have something to do with the disappearance of the Colonists.


The elevator is working again. Pvt. Garcia is checking the turret control to stop it from it’s automatic lock-on and fire sequence.


Sgt. Johnson`s team have inspected the drill tank and retrieved all possible information. Hopefully there will be some useful data… At this point they are still analyzing the information found…


It is very unusual at this time, almost a curious quietness outside. There are no more strange noises..?

“Ryan.. is everything alright down there…Pvt. Ryan respond!!”

Where the hell has he gone..?


…Log interrupted


First contact with an unknown habitat! They do not seem to be human… It ran at us with an unlikely speed. Pvt. Hudson shot this particular being down… We have never seen anything like this before. It was wearing clothes.. like our miners usually had warn. What could this mean…?

Could it be possible that….no….I cant even dare to think like that… If I am rightly informed, there are merely 250 colonists living and working here. If there has been some sort of break out, some kind of epidemic, we could been in big trouble…..


….. “Ferro!! Get your *** back here!!”...


….”Watch it! Behind you!”


…..”There are some more!! Keep shooting!!”


…Log interrupted


This is Sgt. Johnson, Gorman is gone!…


We have barricaded ourselves at the Entrance of the cavern… We are nearly out of Ammo and these ******** still keep charging at us, no matter how many we have already killed!

Our only possibility to escape is to go inside and blow the main entrance behind us!


That drill tank has not gone very far. The report from the excavation data showed there is one path leading further inside.. We must try to navigate through the cavern. We’ll take everything we can with us. The miners have discovered a much larger tunnel system inside and one of the tunnels should lead us to another exit. Lets hope we’ll find the right one…


“O`Neal! Set the charges and go in!!”

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