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GT: DHG The Captain(Map made by DHG MELEE)



Game type: Slayer, Flood, Dominion, Regicide(All standard)


This map is a mix of close quarters with some vertical advantages here. It has one tower with Sniper rifle for quick sniping at the center. It is filled with corridors and small towers for quick advancement on territory. On one side they a Scorpion with 2 warthogs and mongooses. There are two openings; main opening and a small back door(used for sneaking in on Flood). The main door has a shield with 2 turrets pointing directly at it. Outside the main door is a forest where there lies a warthog, a banshee and a few power weapons. Ordnance are scattered inside the base with both power weapons and common weapons for ammo. Flood spawn first outside base but later re-spawn inside the base. There are 4-5 Dominion bases. Mainly used for both Slayer and Flood.


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