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Carolina Chaos

***** HALO WARS 2*****

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In all honesty I was very disappointed with Halo Wars, I thought the Cinematics were absolutely amazing but they actually made the gameplay itself seem very dull. Either way I really don't like those types of games.


Either way, Neither Bungie or 343 made the game so I wouldn't expect a sequel to come from them and hopefully a sequel won't come at all.

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What... :huh:


Anyway Frank (Stinkles) on NeoGaf answered a question in which he nonchalantly teased at Halo Wars 2. I did a thread on this a while ago, but I don't believe everyone has seen it.


I'd have to go dig the post up, but it goes something like this (I don't remember to the letter what was said):


Frank do you have anything to share about Halo Wars 2?


Not at the moment.


Do you really expect me to believe that with the denial of Halo 2: Anniversary?


Read what I wrote carefully.


Now if you read what he wrote carefully you would see he has nothing to share about Halo Wars 2 at the moment. Confirmation? It's uncertain.

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