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Cassandra Saturn

Remember Robin Sachs (Voice of Zaeed Massani)

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i thought you'd like to read this Memorial MP Service for Robin Sachs (Voice of Zaeed Massani) topic on BSN.

i'll give you a nice starting topic on what it looks like over here. it was posted yesterday.




hey folks i know some of you don't visit other ME3 related topics, but this is something i thought you should know.


Rest in Peace, Robin Sachs (Voice of Zaeed Massani)


you will be missed. but your characters will live on forever in thanks to you.



and i'd like you guys to remember him by donning his armor color and whatever weapons you use, play as Zaeed Massani for Robin Sachs, it would be known as Zaeed Day.


i hope you guys don't mind it. i'm gonna do that today. cool.png


edit: for those that don't know how it happened, Robin Sachs was found dead in his home four days later (February 1st 2013) due to heart failure. (still not confirmed if that failure was the cause) he was living alone at that time.


"Robin, thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. you will be missed greatly."

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yep seems zaeed if he retunshe will not sound the same damm but anyway


goobye zeead u will be mist


exuse my bad spelling

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