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Gamertag: CpButchFlowers

Map Name: Canyon (CpButchFlowers file share)

Gametype: Slayer


Description: Small competitive 2v2 or 4v4 slayer map suspended in a canyon. Semi-symmetrical, with main bases on both sides. Snipers available near each base. Rockets and Overshied Drop in middle of map. Balanced, but would like feedback on how map plays. Also a soft kill sniper nest in a grav lift that becomes playable if player is exposed.


Screenshot: See attached files




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I don't want to offend but this looks like my map, but with a different theme, Great minds think alike? lol


Haha this is the first competitive map I've ever attempted, so that's some coincidence. Let me take a look at yours, what's your gamertag?

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