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hi im your stereotyped 15 y old nerd and i just wanted to share my oppinion on halo 5 and what you need to change and or add


part of what made the original halo trilogy truly epic was that beutiful soundtrack at the start it was amazing and something every halo fan holds close to there heart

2. make it less Call Of Duty like

what made halo special was that it wasnt completly stereotyped, its had -had- a great story, the guns cant feal to straight forward example halo ce plasma pistol or needler and halo 2 energy sword or in multiplayer there shouldnt be load outs

3. more epic

halo 2s mstr chf flying thru space with the bomb into the convenant ship or halo 3s ending i mean where the hell is the epic in halo 4 master cheif feals like he belongs on jersey shore not saveing humanity from all out extinction AGAIn

4. better story

at the rate your going i may actually leave my sofa and get a girlfriend -which would be terrible- .i liked the story of halo 4 but i didnt LOVE the story of halo 4 (i cried at the ending to halo 3 and that was last week) i mean really killing off cortana? the arbiter hasnt even shown his face and johnson doesnt even have a white doplganger no no were forced to stay on a single planet THIS IS SPACE

5. more interesting combat ai

first off i completed the first mission of halo 4 in about 40 minutes on the hardest difficulty and didnt die once i mean how hard is it to make a game hard. when you focused your attention on the new prometheans you made combat quite boring and methodical all the ai are made with a purpose and theres only one way to take them out properly which there shouldnt be, shooters dont have much to make there gameplay appealing but the style of execution for your foes (take that from me and i may as well be socialising)


appart from those 5 problems halo 4 did a good job for the multiplayer even if the story and campaign lacked much thank you for reading i can only hope that you may yet implement some of my ideas

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