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How Did The Forerunners Lose To The Flood And Thr Humans Beat Them!?

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Ok, let me shed some light on the situation for you guys.


* Ancient Humanity 'discovers' the flood from the edges of the galaxy

* The Flood slowly infect and spread amongst some humans

* While running from the flood the humans had to push back the Forerunner

* The Forerunner are a peace seeking race, their offense wasn't that strong to begin with. They had a disarmament which made them even weaker offensively, and were still able to de-evolutionize ancient humanity. Safe to say that yes they were superior.

* Humanity was surprisingly effective at fighting the flood and the Forerunners wanted to know how(your learn how/why from the second Forerunner book Halo: Primordium(AWESOME ENDING!!))

* The Forerunners being all about the preservation of life, after having de-evolutionized ancient humanity, tried to quarantine and study the Flood.

* Forerunner attempts to detain the flood were quickly being deterred by the overwhelming power of the flood.

* If you read the second of the Forerunner series you will find out more about where the flood came from(AWESOME!!)

* Don't base your Forerunner knowledge from the games. READ THE BOOKS. Literally every question asked in this entire thread can be answered from the first two Forerunner books.

* And technically the Forerunner are still around as the last of the series has, as of now, yet to come out. The exact nature of their defeat has yet to be known.

* Humanity never defeated the Forerunner.

* The awesome part is you guys would know a little bit about why the flood have returned to "present day", master chiefs time, if you read the books.

* The moral of my post is read the book they are freakin amazing. If you love halo as much as i do you will love LITERALLY every page that has anything to do with Halo.

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On 1/20/2013 at 4:12 PM, Baeztoberfest said:


Awesome. And the fact you described it as dumb luck kinda sums up my feelings toward it. I don't see the graveminds as a PLAN kinda species, more like eat everything in the galaxy kind of species. God forbid they ever mutate one of those dinosaur things on Reach... Lol.


On a side note someone said Captain Del Gravemind on another thread... This made me LOSE IT WITH LAUGHTER! I still laugh at that. The idea of Del Rio becoming a Gravemind. But I will ask was that what was going on with Captain Keyes? Are there ever Flood Hunters? I've never seen Flood Grunts either, or Flood Jackals. Or Flood Drones... Scary stuff I'm sure, but it had to be dumb luck.


How else did a handful of rag tag marines do what the forerunners couldn't? I'd like to visually see how that kind of fight would play out. In the third mission we saw covenant fighting Prometheans. In multiple occasions, the covenant always kick the crap out of the promo's.


I mean sometimes when that scenario plays out the promo's win. But that's rare. Would love to see Flood versus Promo. I mean Flood beat the crap out of Covenant in CE.


Halo CE is the only game where the Flood are portrayed as being FEARED.


And for a VERY OFF TOPIC SIDE NOTE... Would be cool to see a Gravemind prophet from Halo 3. I think it was Regret that the Arbiter killed at the end of Halo 3? Well what if The Flood reanimated the Prophets body into a Gravemind? That would be a creepy adversary.

Master Chief killed Regret. The Prophet The Arbiter killed was Truth.

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