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Covenant Tyrant AA Gun Show

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Hello everybody, today, I am bringing you guys a Covenant gun show. It only features Tyrants (Because I love Tyrants) that range in cost from 800-1250 in forge cash. There are 4 Tyrants that are similar in design and either have sniper towers or no sniper towers. One of the turrets is set up to be a dominion base just to show that they can function as a B base in dominion gametypes.




Map:Covenant Tyrant AA GunShow (fileshare)


Description:A Gun Show map that features different types of tyrants and how they can be used in different maps.




First Tyrant (1450$)


Second Tyrant(1060$)


Third Tyrant(1425$)


Fourth Tyrant(2165$)


Hope you all enjoy this!

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