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Cassandra Saturn

Mass Effect 3 - Love Story: Ashley Williams and Commander Brandon Shepard

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Ashley Williams, an Spectre of Council. Points an Gun at Commander Brandon Shepard, Believing that Commander Shepard, the man she loved, has gone rogue against Council and plans to kill the Entire Council. Fortunately, Commander Brandon Shepard Reasons with her and proves he's still same man she knew.




Commander Brandon Shepard comforts Ashley Williams after she believes Brandon could die in the final assault on the Reapers on Earth and in Earth Space.

Commander Brandon Shepard: "Ash, i love you no matter what happens, i want you to live happy life even if i'm gone. i want you to have that life, so does everyone else too. because i have to do this for everyone in the galaxy so they can have that."



Ashley Williams comes back to Brandon Shepard's cabin a night later, comforting Brandon before he leaves for the final assault on the Reapers. Ashley: "i love you, Shepard. please come back alive for me." just as she said that, she kisses Brandon before leaving his cabin.

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