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Gamertag: MrAllMiteyPinoy

Map: Shootin ducks

Gametype: shootin ducks



Description: This map is a king of the hill map made to be played with about no more than 12 players. The objective for the game is different for both sides, one side has six mantises the other has six warthogs. The mantis team's objective is to destroy the warthogs before they can destroy all of the mantises. That leads to the warthog side's objective, destroy all of the mantises. Once the mantises are destroyed players from that team respawn out side of the hill and cannot re-enter. Once all mantises are destroyed the warthog team captures the hill for 30 points and wins. The warthogs are gunner only and move slowly towards a kill ball (using gravity volumes) Warthog team respawns in the hill.



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