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Halo 4 Matchmaking Changes: These are my opinions on how to make matchmaking a better experience.


Playlists: Let me start off by saying, I want Team Snipers back. 343 made an update, brought in Team Snipers for a week and then took it out. If 343 is fixing some of the issues with Snipers like a secondary snipe or map selection then I am for it.


Can 343 merge some playlists together? How about 343 takes all objective gametypes (Oddball, Flag, Hill) and put them into 1 playlist. Instead of having 3 seperate playlist with 2,000 people in each playlist. This was something that was in almost every Halo game. An objective playlist. Did 343 really need to change this?


Maps: Can we please have some SMALLER maps. The crimson map pack featured 3 BTB maps. They all have vehicles on them. I want a small symetrical map that creates balanced gameplay and actual BR battles at short to mid range. Every map feels huge because theyve spaced everything apart for sprint. Every map is huge. The only small map that launched with Halo 4 was Haven.


Each playlist has what feels like 3 maps to choose from. I cant even choose NONE OF THE ABOVE anymore when I am voting for a map. You just get stuck with 3 choices and you cant change your vote once you have voted. Youre just simply locked in. Something they have never done in any Halo game.


Add the maps that you launched the game with. There were I think about 3 additional maps that lauched with Halo 4. But 343 decided not to put them in ANY of these maps in the playlist. I do not understand why. The game already feels like there just arent enough diverse maps to choose from. I understand that there needs to be big maps for big team games, where people can drool on there controller and ride around in a different vehicle every time they spawn.


Gameplay: Okay, so there are alot of major issues with the gameplay. I won't touch on all of them, just the ones that really dissapoint me.


Medals: There seems to be a medal for just about everything in Halo 4. Im suprised you dont get a medal for just walking around. Oh wait, you do. You can get a distraction medal for doing absolutely nothing. But my dissapointment towards medals is the lack of a headshot medal for the snipe. I dont get why or how you would leave this out. If youre play testing this game, how do you leave it out? There is a medal for killing someone while they are reloading, but you couldnt add in a medal that has always been in Halo games?


Bugs: Killcams are absolutely rediculous. Theyre not accurate and its not something new. Killcams are in COD, leave them there.


How come when I hit select to view players mid game, I freeze in place? The game isnt smooth. Its jagged and buggy beyond belief. Youre not able to check peoples connections mid game. Why does 343 leave this stuff out? Its been in all the previous Halo games. I understand this is there game now and they wanted to make changes, but 343 is leaving out the little things that made Halo games feel smooth (besides Reach).


Weapons: I like the fact that I can start with a BR or DMR or whatever I want every game now. That is a plus. But when 343 adds guns like the promethean pistol, I wonder if they actually play there games. They made a gun that is a quick 1 shot from close range and its your SECONDARY gun. I remember the last game that made seconday weapons better than primaries. It was COD MW2. We all know how that game turned out. Keep the gun (I guess) just nerf it down to its secondary status.


There seems to be this notion that, the more guns you add to a FPS, the better it is. That is simply not true. I would rather have 3 solid guns to choose from then 20 pointless overpowered guns that dont belong in the game. I want a skill based game with skill based weapons. Not a game where someone can get 1 shot, sprint off, hide around a corner with promethean vision and 1 shot me with a secondary retard gun.


I have made a previous post about these fixes and would love to see what competitive gamers think, along with the stupid ones who think the game is perfect.


You'll notice that the people who think the matchmaking is great are the ones that wanted more Big Team maps with more vehicles.


" I should've know that once the lead designer of Halo 4 said that they made it so ghosts could get through doorways that the game was going to be bad."

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