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I wanted to start this thread for 343's benefit. This is a thread where you can bring small fixes and suggestions to light.


I'll give an example of a small fix, this is something I want done:


On maps with objective points/arrows, such as dominion and capture the flag, where the giant orange arrow is seen through walls, structures, and land formations, I want any spartans in your line of sight and the objective arrow to appear in front of the arrow.


For example, if you are facing and objective arrow, it is going to dominate your view and any spartans that cross paths with the arrow in your field of view will be obstructed by the arrow. I'm suggesting that when there is a spartan crossing your field of view in the area of your screen that the objective point is shown, the spartan is shown over the arrow.



Please keep the suggestions small and reasonable. This is not a balance thread!

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Thats your small fix? What is wong with you?


I could think of 100 other things that I want fixed before that.


No freakin' kidding. You think he doesn't know that? He's not an idiot, and it's a good little fix that can easily be done in the next update or whenever. There's already a million threads complaining about anything and everything and this is a new idea.


OP, I totally agree with you by the way. It is a nuisance as it is now.

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