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That Magical Stank

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RLD, sorry if you legitimately hate me for naming my first race "Most Amazing Racetrack Ever."

I kinda wish I hadn't either because now I get 10-15 messages per day about it.


1) Map Name :: That Magical Stank

2) Gametype :: RACETRACKS (it is compatible with the KOTH RACETRACKS gametype)

3) Gamertag :: oomishday3

4) Player count :: 1-16

5) Description :: It is a rollercoaster on Erosion with some big jumps, cool turns,

and an amazingly steep drop.

6) YouTube channel :: http://www.youtube.com/user/oomishday3gaming?feature=mhee

7) Video of the map ::


**Warning, this video contains 1 bad word. If you aren't mature enough to handle that, don't watch it**



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Sweet man I tried out this track already and man, how awesome is this track. this map is probobly the smoothest rollercoaster so far in Halo 4 that I have seen. Keep up the good work oomish and will like to see more awesome racetracks. :scooter:

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It is amazing how much more we can do because of the incredible traction the mongoose has in halo 4.

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