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Hello Fellow Gamers

I'm advertising Clan tryouts for my clanThe Consumed Darkness. Myself and Dr Wiggles PhD are the leader and co leaders of the clan. If you would like to join contact me on my xbox acc Iceonmyfingers(don't judge me on the name) or you can email me at [email protected]. Additionally here is my Website for the clan if you would like to look at that http://bluebrayway.wix.com/consumedwebpage#!about-us/cjg9 Remember we are always looking for people to join so don't be shy :gathering:. We are trying to get 15 people to join our clan at least so if you don't want to join please at least recommend it to friends who might be interested.






1. No fighting if you don't like someone in the clan report them for why they're making you angry/annoyed.


2. Respect your clanmates.Disrespect will not be tolerated in the clan.Treat your clanmates as your own family.


3. You must own Halo 4 to participate in the clan.


4. If you do decide to join don't spam other members of the clan with questions if you have any email me and message me only.


5. Lastly, If you do decide to join we host clan battles and meetings on Fridays you are not required to come if you have something to do but if you have the time please join.
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I would like to Join a clan.


Im 25, British (don't let that get in the way).

Im currently a SR-77.

Profound Campaign Player with Legendary solo unlocked, All previous Halo titles under my belt with similar if not higher ratings.


Adept online multi-player tactition, enjoy the team aspects when competing.


In closing im also ranked highly in Tier 2 of the Halo 4 Challenge for online multiplayer, either shows im commited, or i have nothing else to do. :)


Hope to hear from some recruiters soon.


Add me on XBL if your up for a scrim sometime.



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I would Like too Join this clan. You guys seem like a couple of good people who understand respect and common courtesy towards your fellow gamer. My GT is "TheCheezieAF"

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