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Gametag: vDukie

Map: Mongoose Arena

Gametype: Joust

Recommended Players: 8-16 (Two teams of four or greater)



The Mongoose Arena is essentially a big box with two indentations on opposite sides. The indentations are blocked off with one way shields and it is where the jousters spawn. 2 players of each team will spawn inside, next to a mongoose, one will drive and the other will joust with either a sword or a gravity hammer. The remainder of the team will spawn in the arena, inside glass covers as spectators.


To prevent camping inside the spawn, a Heavy Mancannon will spawn at 30 seconds and push the players out.


1 kill = 10 points. 10 points to win. 10 rounds.


I will try to post a video/screenshots when I get my Dazzle working, but till then give it a try. Enjoy!

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