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Thermal Team: About Us

Thermal Team is a small Halo 4 team. We are very exclusive of our members and will likely only maintain 8-16 players. Our style of play is recreational. We play online together for fun, yet we practice once a week and once in awhile compete. We also are planning to create a series of Machinima soon for multiple genres.

Requirements to Join

The requirements to join Thermal Team are small. You will need a Headset to communicate with, Xbox Live Gold, and experience with playing Halo. We do not care about your rank, only your performance. Also, you will need to be available every Saturday night at 8:00pm (EST)

How to Join

If by now you are interested, then here is how you join. First, add xshadowpaladinx on Xbox Live. After he accepts your friend request, you will be given a test to see how your experience with Halo is. After this, the team as a whole will decide if you are good enough or not. Meetings are every Saturday at 8:00pm, Team matchmaking is every Sunday at 5:00pm. The team matchmaking is not required, but the meetings are.

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