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HALO 4 Weapons Tutorial for Newcomers (videos)

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Hi guys,


I've decided to make a few tutorial videos for those who are completely new at Halo. I personally believe that Halo is a bit more complex compared to other shooters. I thought it would be nice if i could provide new players with a bit of information about the weapons in the game, so that they could improve and hold their own in a match.


Hopefully i can push them in the right direction and help the Halo community grow. :)


Some of this information may seem very basic, so Intermediate or advance players please don't be offended. These videos are aimed at those that have no idea where to begin.


take care guys :)


The Battle Rifle






The rest can be found on my playlist link as this site wont allow me to post more than 2 videos on a topic.




The Shotgun

The Sniper Rifle

The Light Rifle

The Suppressor

The Assault Rifle

The Rail Gun

The Saw

The Sticky Detonator


Ill update the thread as i make new videos.



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lol, i am an experienced halo player, but the first thing i did after buying the game was go into forge and figure out how to use every weapon

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