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HUGS FOR ALL!!! Campaign

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(This is inspired by Elfy,Aza,Ryu and a few others)

These days people seem too focused on their next paycheck, and whats for dinner. So i thought i should start this little campaign.......






All you need to do is hug atleast 1 person each day until halo 4 comes out, its that simple!

People need to feel the love, so set down that laptop or newspaper and give someone a hug, show em the love!

I know i will


When you see how happy they will be, it will make you feel happy yourself, and then.........




So remember, a hug a day, keeps depression away


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Yes different people each day!!!!!

As for how will i know?




I'll know, TWAM will know, WE WILL ALLLLL KNOW!!!!!



THIS IS SPART.......... oh wait, nvm

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