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Halo 4 Infinity Campaign Theme *Coming 10/2/12*

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New details from 343i point towards a new Halo 4 theme coming out October 2nd for 240ms. Will you be getting it? I have a few leftover points so I'll get it. Details are below!



Halo 4: Infinity Campaign Theme









You will soon be able to customize your Xbox 360 Dashboard with the above Halo 4 Campaign-themed images, should you so desire. The Halo 4: Infinity Campaign theme will run you 240 Microsoft Points and is slated to release on October 2.


There are more Halo 4 avatar goodies coming (perhaps even some Promethean ones…) so keep an eye on Halo Waypoint for details that will be coming in a semi-soonish manner.


Source: http://blogs.halo.xbox.com/Headlines/post/2012/09/26/The-Halo-Bulletin-92612-.aspx


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Hmmmm...... Good post. :thumbup:


:) However, I do like the dashboard. Its nice to look at something different. :)

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The backgrounds look pretty cool, but I'm currently considering Minecraft... so I'm not too sure whether I'll get this or not... Oh! And Assassin's Creed games tend to give a free one, so I'll probably be using that when AC3 comes out. lol!

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