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Minecraft Halloween Update To Include Witches And Bats

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Mojang is releasing Witches and Bats DLC during Halloween. There are going to be minor tweaks to sound effects and way wooden blocks are placed.



Read below for more details






Mojang's next big

Minecraft PC update aims to add witch and bat mobs to the game as well as an assortment of improved sound effects and various other bits and bobs. Mojang's Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams first hinted at the addition of witches in a recent tweet, a comment that was followed days later by the release of Minecraft snapshot 12w38a, which added the content to the game.


For those who aren't in the know, Mojang regularly releases these "snapshot" updates to test out planned content additions in a live environment. It takes a bit of technical maneuvering the get these snapshots working, but it amounts to a sneak preview -- and sometimes a half-fucntional one -- of what's coming down the Minecraft pipe.


The witch is a new hostile mob, one that doesn't appear to spawn on its own yet. Bats are passive, spawning at night and in dark underground locations. They sleep upside down and fly away when you get too close. You can smack them down just like anything else in Minecraft, but they don't drop anything at the moment.


There is also an assortment of new sound effects along with some tweaks to the way wooden blocks are placed. You can see this content in action in the video up top from Mindcrack's DocM. Witches sure seem like nasty customers. They're quite strong and they attack by chucking negative status effect- and damage-inducing potions at your face.




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