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Guest Oakley HiDef

MUST READ: How to submit a map

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Guest Oakley HiDef




1. Post your Gamer Tag


2. Name of your map and a link to it


3. Name of your gametype and a link to it


4. Brief description and recommended player count


5. Provide at least one picture





Gamertag: Oakley HiDef

Map: Bunkers


Rocket Race


Description: This map is meant to be played with the rocket race gametype so players must split into teams of two. Plays with up to 16. The race tracks winds its way around the island through a UNSC facility. There are multiple banked turns built into the environment and a series of jumps and cross over areas to add more hazardous and fun areas.


Picture: link to screenshot on waypoint or



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GT: FredR1ck11 MAP: Earthquake SX.


So you ride and jump over cracks in the ground, then you try to go the other way, but there is this broken city in the way.



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It's great that you guys explain how to submit. but where do I send/submit this information?


go back to where you can see all of the race maps that have been posted and then click "start new topic" which is an orange button near the top right

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