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Are you tired of searching through matchmaking, unable to find decent teammates, and are getting owned by annoying tryhards.

Are you looking to find victory, honor and glory when you pick up the controller?!

Are you looking for a mighty group of players who will never let you down on the field of battle!!!!?

Look no further


Fairytale is what you have been searching for. We are a collection of skilled players who play to win, but enjoy having a fun time doing it.

You here at Fairytale will not be required to change your gamer-tag, drink out of the toilet, or take multiple wives.

Run the clan emblem, maintain a positive K/D as best you can, and be a good team player.


Here at Fairytale we embrace honor, we excel in combat, and deliver a death filled with glitter and blood to the foes who have ordered out package.


This is a newer clan, and is in the building process, right now we need loyal members, and those who show leadership qualities, who would like to be a part of, and build a great clan.


Join Today


--- into the fire, they will bleed rainbows ---


~ Contact DragonSlayer1I1 on xboxlive for more information

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I think Raving Pixie will be all over this....

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