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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. I know this isn't an "official" 343i forum, just a fan made community (correct me if I'm wrong), but I was apparently banned from the official Waypoint forums, and I'm not sure why... I am unable to post anything and unable to make any topics on there, the buttons to create new posts aren't there anymore. When I look at my Waypoint profile (click here to see my profile), it says this: So I took a look at the Halo Waypoint Forum Ban FAQ topic (here) and it says when you get banned: I was never "greeted" with the message they're talking about, and I don't have a message from a moderator saying why I was banned. I also never got an email or anything from them so I really have no clue whatsoever why I was banned, and like I said above, on my Waypoint profile it says I was suspended due to "other" until the year 2552 (Wtf? lol). Anyone here have any experiences like this? Has anyone here ever been unbanned from Waypoint? I would appreciate any advice. I'll stick around here though (I just found this forum). This forum seems a bit more mature and level-headed compared to the people on Waypoint anyways lol. Thanks!
  2. My Halo 4 Rank has Reset! Hello, I am here to share a very large concern of mine. My halo 4 rank appears to have been reset. I spent about 2 hours on Microsoft Games Customer support, trying to resolve the problem. After checking my systems, the only other explanation was either a Huge Glitch, or a Ban / Suspension. I have had no run-ins against Terms of conditions, i have always followed the rules, never boosted, never hacked, and have always been a respectful player, as i even provide hours work of forge maps to the community. I encountered the problem yesterday, i got on the Xbox, as normal. Played the new episode of spartan ops, did a little bit of infinity multilayer and then had a break while i let my little brother go on. After signing back in after a couple of hours i found the following: - In the lobbies my armour was black recruit armour, with the back dogtag emblem with the recruit visor and stance and SR1. - In the spartan Hub i have all of my loadouts and armour, as normal. - I cannot use my loadouts. - When i go into infinity there are only about 6 playlists, each one only containing about 5-10 or 200-400 players. - All the players, with an exception of few individuals, have the same armour defaults as me, with SR1, yet on their service records they have ranks up 60! - My Service tag is random in game. - I am unable to earn XP. - I am unable to play Spartan ops at all. - I can't view my challenges or Commendations. - When i turn of xbox live my stuff reverts back to normal, with the obvious exception that i cant do anything online. - All other live users on my console are fine and have no problems. The event has really upset me, due to the fact, i worked hard all year in two part time jobs so that i could buy A new Xbox (The halo exclusive one) and preorder from mighty ape for my favorite content (Which cost me a fortune). And now i cannot use the content or even play online which is massively upsetting after working even harder and maintaining a respectable rule guided player online. If anyone knows what my problem is that please post below. and if Any 343i Forum moderators spots this post please have a word with me about this issue. My GT is: RAXS SLAYER My Emails Is: [email protected] Thank you.
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