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Found 7 results

  1. I'm building a team on halo MCC that will do the most challenging thing in halo history, but before you join my question is are you ready? Put your gamertag down OR?? Message me on xboxlive.
  2. Onyx Squad is looking for players for competitive matchmaking and battles. Were not just a team, we also belong to a larger community called Spartan Guardian Legions. Onyx is a part of its legions. Onyx Squad members train daily in Halo Championship Series (HCS) playlists. Ranked and HCS matchmaking games are the most popular multiplayer picks. SGL uses a custom made rank system to highlight players with dedication amongst their piers. Any questions on this can be discussed with me on XBL. Requirements are as follows: -mic -halo mcc -maturity*** -positive K/D rules are as follows: -No disrespect to other players -No rage quitting -No team killing -Stay in uniform when you're with the squad If you're still interested but don't meet all of these requirements I can arrange for you to join another squad. If you are interested or have questions, contact me on xbox: Apex Arbiter "Splintered shields and shattered swords" Onyx squad leader, Apex Arbiter
  3. So since the days following release, many members have discussed with me the possibility of creating an official un-official community squad for Star Wars: Commander. So I've created: 343iCommunity If you'd like to join simply request it, and be sure to comment your username below so that we can verify your membership. The rules for the squad will be similar to that of the Forum. No swearing No racial or ethnic slurs Do not flame other members No linking to images, videos, or websites containing nudity, discrimination, or swear words The most important rule however is to have fun. We want you to join the squad and we'd like to keep it enjoyable for everyone which is the reason these rules will remain in effect. Also, Arno Dorian has created an imperial squad known as the 343rd_corps. I believe his will be acting as a squad for the empire and mine will be acting as the Rebellion. Thanks for your interest and see ya on the virtual battlefield!
  4. <p>Attention ALL Clan/ Squad Leaders!!!!</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>I will be hosting a Clan/Squad Leader Summit <strong>THIS SUNDAY, THE 9TH ON HALO 4</strong>!</p> <p> </p> <p>Join me and other like minded individuals that have a thirst for leadership and sweat Halo 4. If you want to socialize, trade strategies, or even schedule some clan battles! We can do it all at the Clan/Squad Leaders Summit!!!</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>I will have my party status to <strong>OPEN at 12PM SUNDAY, THE 9TH</strong>. Just join me. My gamertag: <strong>DrThaddeus</strong></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>DrThaddeus Ph VD</p> <p> </p> <p>Victory through Domination, Domination through Victory</p>
  5. :For those of you who may have seen our previous advertisement, this is an update. :And for all you others who missed out on the pure awsomeness of the Spartan Squad (lol), this is obviously an advertisement for the Spartan Squad clan. :Spartan Squad has always had a fair ranking system where people could pick their specialization, and play that role in clan meets, tournaments, and jff (just for fun) games. Now, thanks to Halo 4, it is much easier to keep track of. Because it is almost exactly the same way that we did it before. One big difference is for those who are only...say SR 13 or another number below 50. The founders of the clan have always understood that some people want to be in a clan, but are too busy IRL to play sometimes. For that reason, we have always given members an oppurtunity to be promoted, even if they have a low rank in game. We encourage members to play matches with team leaders, so that we can have an idea of your skill set. But remember, anyone can join, no matter skill, location, or even internet connection speed.( we only ask that you let us know if your connection is slow so that we can adjust to the situation, trust me, ive been there and done that). :Members like to have a say in what goes on in the Squad, so if you would like to bring anything up ( uniform, game day, specializations, etc.) contact me either on here or Xbox Live: contact info listed below. :The clan gives every one a chance to express themself online so we dont want everyone looking looking exactly the same, especially since thats nearly impossible due to the unlock methods of Halo 4. So, in order to do that still being able to identify other members, the clan will allow players to choose their own color ( which doesnt matter in team games). Uniform:> Clan tag: since this is available to everyone, we have a uniform service tag: SPSQ Emblem: Recruit> foreground blue, secondary gold...When Available: Spartan foreground, background of choice. whichever color choice. ( this is the one with the crossed swords behind the helmet) ^REMEMBER THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH MAJORITY VOTE OF MEMBERS^ :Tried to squeeze most of it in here, but if i forgot anything, if you have any questions, or if you want to join; contact me here: Gamertag: SpartanHero113 Community Forum Username: SpartanHero113 Facebook: Spartan Oneonethree ++ WE NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE...LOOK FOR US UNDER: Spartan Squad >>S-113 out
  6. Hello community! I would appreciate playing Battlefield with some people either it is 1 person or 10, i don't care! Multiplayer or co-op. (You don't need a mic, i don't have either) Just send me a request on XBL or PM. Thanks.
  7. Right i am looking for active halo reach players for a matchmaking team not a clan. The team is for competitve play and would only need a number people with a decent kd above 1.35 and above brigadier. add me
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