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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all. My Gamer-Tag is RAF Archangel, I currently lead a relatively large military based clan on Halo: Master Chief Collection (Reach) for Xbox and PC players. We are currently looking for new members to join our clan. Attached below is our Discord Server Recruitment Announcement. If there are any other questions, feel free to contact me at my Discord Username: Archangel#3599 or visit our website for more information. Republic Armed Forces (RAF) Recruitment Announcement - XBOX/PC The Republic Armed Forces (RAF) is a military based clan that was established on Xbox 360 Reach in 2015. We are currently active on Halo: Master Chief Collection and are looking for new members to join our ranks. Unlike most clans, we understand that real life obligations come first before video games, which makes the Republic Armed Forces (RAF) unique to most clans you could possibly join. We expect you to be active when YOU can. Branches we offer: - Army with Multiple Sub-Divisions - **OPEN** - Republic Guard (Application required) - **OPEN** - Special Operations (Application required) - **OPEN* What we offer: - Consistent activities nearly everyday. - Stable and non toxic environment for members of ALL backgrounds. - Ability to have a choice. - Opportunity to build friendships and a community. - Discipline. - Leadership opportunities and opportunities to progress throughout the clan. - Understanding officers. - Equal treatment to all. - A family environment. **A Microphone is NOT required but highly recommended* Any questions, feel free to Direct Message the nearest Republic Armed Forces (RAF) Recruiter. Signed: Republic Armed Forces (RAF) Officer Corps https://republicarmedforcesraf.weebly.com/
  2. Hi my name Is AgentBartowski9 and I just started a Halo a reach Military base clan called Ark Industries. We Have a lot of fun in the clan and are serious when we need to. You can just be yourself in our clan we have custom games every Friday and training every week. If you want to join Ark Industries contact me by gamertag or email [email protected]
  3. Introduction: Hello there, I am Imperial Vice(Vice President) VG Ze Condor! I am looking for new recruits for The Unified Empire as we are a new clan that just detached from the military based clan GWF because they abandoned us on the Xbox One and we decided to form a new military based clan! Requirements: We only require a few things such as the changing of your armor colors, your emblem, your emblem colors, your service tag, your clan tag and your activity. Things We Do: As soon as we are at a good growth of about 20 members, we will start raid training which is fun to do(don't let the word training bug you) and we will be doing different custom game types as well. We sometimes are serious but only when we need to be serious and we are having fun the rest of the time. Looking For: We need loyal members that are experienced with military based clans as well as non-experienced. We need leaders that have led at least a 4 man team before. We need leaders that have led branches and even clans before. We need members that can be combat ready. We need active members. We need members who can be both serious and fun for the times when needed. Structure: The way our structure works seems to be fair in my eyes. If something is seen as a bad thing or as a flaw in the structure, I will try my best to make it right. Message me on Xbox One if you would like to join, ask questions or make an alliance. - Imperial Vice VG Ze Condor
  4. Hey guys. So I am part of a clan called Legion of Dawn or LOD for short. We have been around since the start of halo 4 and we are now on the Xbox one playing Master Chief Collection. We are a military based clan who likes to have a good time, but is also mature. If your looking for friends, a fun time, competitiveness, and/or players who are skilled, who you can ether play with or they can teach you, this is the clan for you. To join you must have a mic. You must also send a message to ether LIGHT SWITCH19K or imJuicyParrot. Tell them you saw the post on the 343 forums and you wanted to join. Thank you for checking us out and have a great day.
  5. Hello, It's Jiggle Rapptor here and I'm creating a military based clan on halo 4. The SSAW (Sangheili Swords of the Ark War) is a military styled clan based off the covenant's ranks for the elites with a few exceptions. The SSAW Military is split up into three Branches that each and every member has joined at the end of their initiation Boot Camp. These branches have a unique weapon load out to separate members into their preferred choice of arms in the SSAW.There are only two requirements to join: -1) You have a working mic for communication purposes. -2) You are the age of or above the age of 14. There is no exceptions in gender, race, beliefs, region, connection, or skill; everyone is welcomed to the SSAW. There is, however, an exception to maturity and abusive language; a solution will be suggested to the member wishing to join. If a member continuously shows he/she can't handle control themselves then they will be asked to remove themselves. (Trust me it will take for me to consider someone to be over abusive with language so don't worry too much.) As I said before this Clan has three Branches that every member will be apart of. Below will be the list of them and a simple short description of what their "armory" looks like: -Legionnaire: The Legionnaire branch specializes in all cqc weapons such as the shotgun, sword, scattershot, etc. -Warrior: The Warrior Branch specializes in load out weaponry such as the DMR, Light Rifle, Assault Rifle, Storm Rifle, etc. The Warrior Branch also is accompanied with Heavy Warfare; this includes your heavy weaponry and anything that you can drive/fly. - Recon: The Recon Branch is specialized in long range warfare; this includes all your snipers. They also specialize in assassinations; in other words this means they specialize in infiltrating behind enemy lines and ******** off the enemy team with assassinations. I'm also looking for mature members to join the clan and help Lead the three branches that are listed above. I'm currently in charge of the Warrior Branch and I'm looking for someone to replace me so I can focus more on the whole clan. I am planning to jump to Halo 5 when it comes out, but sadly I'm not sure when we'll be on the MCC because I lack an Xbox One (hopefully will be on soon). If you want to join just send me a message either through Facebook or Xbox live; you can find me as Jiggle Rapptor as my GT and FB name. If you do message me please let me know who you are and that you want to join the SSAW. Thank you for your time and happy hunting! A little bit about me; I was the Supreme Commander of the Infantry Branch in the AWV when it was a military clan and served as an advisor to the AWV Leader as well as the AWV Ambassador. After the AWV transformed into a competitive clan I was selected to be a Squad Leader and led a small squad of 4 members. I also managed the AWV website and helped manage the AWV FB page as well. I'm just all saying this to help reassure you guys that I do have some leader ship skill and I'm not some random dude making a clan that they can't run or at least point in the right direction. -Jiggle Rapptor
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