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Found 16 results

  1. Halo Infinite Here we'll be discussing all things Halo Infinite, and there's a lot to discuss. Now besides the first three quarters looking like a stunning nature documentary, Halo Infinite's announcement at Microsoft's 2018 E3 conference has left us with a lot of questions. Ok so lets start by assuming that this indeed is after the events Halo 5, because that's what 343 have implied so far. Does that make this game Halo 6? I was expecting two games to be revealed, Halo 6 and another (most likely FPS) Halo title. We got one short announcement, that has left us filled with awe, and confusion. I'm sure we're all really interested to hear more about Infinite, because so far things aren't clear at all, and all we can do is speculate. We're also assuming the Spartan seen at the end is John-117. Now, two things that stand out about John are that 1) he's in Mk VI MJOLNIR armour and 2) he slots in an AI chip. Another interesting things to note, is that they're clearly on a Halo ring, with pulsing structures that resemble those seen on Installation 04 in Halo: Combat Evolved. The way I see it, there are three possibilities: 1) This is not canon footage. This is just a way to demo the new 'Slipspace' gaming engine for future Halo games. Halo Infinite is to be the first Halo title utilising this engine, and this announcement is basically a hype/flex by 343. A very good one, it is. There may be no canon story in that footage, none of what we say may actually be happening. John putting the AI in, might just be shown to induce hype and because it looks good. 2) This is actually GEN2 Mark VI armour, as seen in 5, but 343 are scrapping that visually modified version completely. This isn't ridiculous, because it's what they did from Halo 3 to 4, and people don't riot over it. I think the Halo 4 Mk VI helmet looks good as well, and it's not an artistic change, the helmet does actually look that way after Cortana used nanobot technology to repair and reform parts of the armour after Halo 3's ending. Maybe it now is an artistic change, and 343 are suggesting that the Halo 3's armour design was canonically the one seen in Halo 4 and 5, but they just displayed it differently for those two games. He could be wearing armour seen in Halo 5, with a repaired/new helmet, but 343 chose to go back to the previous art style (if this case is true, then they would be art styles and not actually different designs). 3) That is Mark VI GEN1 MJOLNIR, and there's a reason Chief is back in it. Better be a good one. There's also a reason for the AI being slotted into his helmet, either it's Cortana or another one he's using. Now, 3) is probably the most popular belief, as people are already trying to find explanations. I think 2), despite being possible, is unlikely, because it'll cause a lot of disagreement in the community. People will get confused, though it may work in the long run. Possibility 1) is kind of likely, this announcement may just be another E3 2013 teaser (see Site Poll 80). If I had to pick one, I'd say they'll go with case 3), but I'm really curious about explanations. We also have no idea about the nature of the game. What Installation is that? Where are they? Is this an FPS? Is it Halo 6? When's it set? Share your thoughts and questions, let me know which possibility you think is most likely, and if you're aware of any other likely possibility. Watch the footage here: 343ICF, lets discuss Halo Infinite. Edit: Had to replace a) and b ) with 1) and 2) because 'b' with a ')' directly after is a smiley.
  2. Hello everyone, If you know what Forge Cafe is was, please participate in this discussion on DesCaf for the potential to reopen the site: http://www.destinycafe.net/topic/1032-forge-cafe-will-it-happen/ All opinions are welcome (Short post, sorry, not much else to add ) Cheers
  3. Do you think 343 is willing to remake or remaster Halo Reach in the next 5 years for the XB1? What do you think?
  4. Episode 1 of HUNT the TRUTH has been released, and it contains some interesting content. This episode goes into detail on John's childhood, his younger years. We get an interview with Deon Govendor, John's Primary School teacher. He talks about happier times with John. We also get an interview with Ellie Bloom, now this is interesting. You all remember the 'Starry Night' trailer for Halo 3? You know, the one that amazed us all. Ellie Bloom is John's "childhood playmate" that was laying on the ground with him during that trailer. They used to lay down and stargaze on warm nights. There were a few disturbing flaws I noticed though. Benjamin tells Ellie that John is the Master Chief, that's just wrong. The other is that John's teacher (Govendor), tells a story of John wanting to take up boxing at the age of 13, whilst Benjamin even mentions that John was recorded as 'Dead' at the age of six. Benjamin mentions John dying at 6 during the end of the episode, but says that John was killed along with his family at 13 by Insurrectionists (Rebels). I realised that this '13 year old John' must have been the flash clone sent to replace John. If this is true, then why was John recorded 'Dead' at 6 in the Elysium City Documents? This seemed to shock Benjamin. This is an interesting episode and I recommend you check it out if you still haven't. Share your thoughts down below, thanks for reading. https://soundcloud.com/huntthetruth/episode-01-a-hairline-fracture
  5. We know melee weapons exist. We've seen enemies using swords, and apparently also gotten hints that players may use them as well. But exactly how do you want them implemented? Because, yes, this is kind of a mix between a FPS and an RPG, and I would really love to use swords running around cutting into people in a swifter way than the Energy Sword's clunky 1-slash-then-cooldown-timer in Halo games. Not only that, but think of how fair it is that in competitive MM you've got a gun, put down some bullets into a guy, only to have him sprint up close and slit your throat? There's fairness issues, but I desperately want to use swords at the same time. How do you want them implemented and how do you think they will be implemented?
  6. One thing I've been asking my friends is: What is one new and interesting thing you want in Halo 5? I don't want answers like "new armor", "elites", because that's already been done, and if you say a new weapon, then describe it please. A new thing that I want is Elite Female Models, similar to how Spartans get Female Models that are playable. I want to know your interesting and new ideas, it can be anything, new(obviously), old but revised, creative, bland, unique, or something everyone's thought of already.
  7. Hello, I am making a rule set that will try and make this Halo 5 Forum to be a little more... organized. These are guidelines, and as I am not an admin I cannot control them. Let me start on the most important rule: Aas all of you know, most threads in this forum are suggestions. But the Halo 5 Forum isn't a suggestion forum. You can discuss things too. So if you have a suggestion, please put (Suggestion) before your thread title. This will help when looking at the all the topics in this forum, so you know what is a suggestion, and what isn't. Second rule, DON'T PUT REDUNDANT SUGGESTIONS. What that means is do not post a suggestion or discussion topic that someone else already made. Do you know how many "Cortana in Halo 5" threads there are? Just post in one that already exists, with your opinion. Third, when posting, use correct grammar and capitalize all first letters in the sentence. You wouldnt believe how many threads people cant read because of bad grammar and spelling. Try and read this: i think theyshuld ad cortanna and broot wepons in halo 5 and 6. 343 INDUSTRYS AD THIS U B*****S!,,!!!! Fourth, do not swear. Swearing does not accomplish anything but getting you booed and yelled at. Swearing in text is even worse. Thank you for taking time to read this, I will add more rules as the time goes by. If you have any suggestions for the thread, please post. Help get this pinned so everyone can read this.
  8. New web series discussing different aspects of Halo 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3HrsQ5hnNM
  9. Shield Recharge Rate: Does anyone have the problem of getting picked off right after getting a kill? I usually kill an enemy while my shields get dropped. In 4v4 Slayer, usually there will be multiple enemies at once. He will usually take 1-2 shots to finish me off. Sometimes, if I am lucky I can get away. The problem is, there might be another enemy just around the corner. Sometimes, my shield just won't go up fast enough, and then I get killed. I think the shield recharge rate at the time is the same as it is in previous Halo games. This particular one though, has a much faster pace to it, thanks to sprinting and long range weapons. The shield recharge rate being the same however, makes you have to hide almost every time you get a kill. Added in with sprint and flinch when getting shot, this game caters to chasers. If you're getting chased the only hope you have is a teamate. I have explained my thoughts. Please tell me what you think.
  10. Hey there folks, I'm looking for some serious opinions on a few topics relating to 343's work on Halo 4 and the changes they made. I'll give you mine of course, and try to attempt to keep it civilized. First is weapons, do you think the new weapons are fair, and do you think the weapons handle better, worse, or the same as previous games? In my opinion, the Assault Rifle is beautiful, and I'm glad it's no longer a set up weapon (Ex. fire and punch, fire and 'nade.) The BR is nice to have back and It stands as a good middle ground between the AR and DMR. The DMR felt a little strong at first, but when you think of the accuracy needed to place your shots and the ammo count, it balances well. for the new power weapons, the SAW is nice, and I love any weapon with a large mag and a high fire rate, it fails at long ranges but is good for closer battles. All of the Promethean weapons feel well balanced, although at times I get angry at the Binary Rifle, but it's always my fault when i get killed by it. and at first the Boltshot's one shot kill worried me, but the range you need to get it is the perfect match to it. And personally the possibilities of the sticky launcher are too fun.(my favorite is to stick it to a Mongoose and , well you can figure it out.) My main complaint is I think the Railgun needs at least a 2x sight. It feels clunky to use and hard to hit. Campaign, do you think the campaign is a good follow-up to the original games? I do. The story was engaging, and personally I enjoy hearing Master Chief have more dialogue in general, and more dialogue during game play. The missions felt fun to play and I never hit a point in the game where i felt like i was running in circles and jumping through hoops. And uh, yeah, i have nothing else to say about the campaign. Armor, do you like it in Halo: Reach or 4 better? I like the amount of armor in 4, but i think reach's armor looked better. Spartan Ops do you enjoy it? *Clears throat* YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSS! i enjoy the progressing story and like the challenge. I look forward to every episode and can't wait for the next season. So, if there are any topics you want to touch on feel free, and if you want to counter one of the points i made go for it. and KEEP IT CIVILIZED... please?
  11. Hello everybody, as some of you are aware the Active camo ability in Halo 4 is kinda lacking. Not because of the actual camo itself, but rather because of either the retecle or the jamming of the radar. If your in matchmaking and your crouched in camo and an enemy's retecle hovers over you it will turn red thus giving away your position. This would not be so much of a problem if the scrambling of the enemy's radar had a bigger diameter around the indivuduel who was hidden. But since the overall area of the scramble is fairly low it gives away the general location of the person who is hidden. As such the only thing the person who is trying to find the hidden person has to do is skim there retecle over the ground or on top of stuff. This issue as i said can be solved with either one of three options. Option 1: Increase the overall diameter of the scrambling of the radar to decrease chance of a "hunter" finding the hidden person Option 2: Decrease the silluote of the hidden person while in camo mode, this will allow for a more even playing field when trying to assassinate or kill an individual. Option 3: Remove the red reticle option when hovering over an enemy that has active camo on, this would make the "hunter" have to use his eyes instead of his croshair. I hope that sombody of importance will see this, as active camo has always been my favorite addition to a spartan (starting with Halo ce) Sincerly One avid Halo gamer Bobertz
  12. Forum to discuss you favorite BTB and Heavies maps so far, things you like and dont like about them, and things you would change. Also a place to discuss Ideas about making BTB maps. Maybe discuss what are your favorite BTB gametypes? Maps that should be in circulation more?
  13. To whom it may concern, Well this a start of Some of my post I'm going to be doing various things So let me know if you need any help with anything. Give me some opinions or links and pics to edit for you. Give me ideas and new reels to bring to you guys. Let me know and hope ya'll like some of my screenies Sincerely CollinRay, Don't forget to like!!! Thank-you!
  14. I am interested (and 343i is probably too) to know what you really like about the released information on Halo 4. This is not a thread to post things about what you dislike; just what you like. And if someone likes something that you dont like, just leave them be. From what I have seen, I really like how 343i has given the red and blue teams a purpose for fighting each other. It is not something that has ever really crossed my mind, but it is a nice touch that Bungie did not do. I am so freakin glad that both the BR and DMR are back. I missed the BR alot in halo reach. I feel like i have been waiting since HALO CE to have camo armor, and now it is finally here. So please, share your opinions oh yeah i also like that sprint will be a standard ability. spartans should be able to run no matter what
  15. I have just preorded halo 4 limited edition from Eb games NZ i cant wait to get it and it is also cool because it comes with the future map packs just cool
  16. Halo comic series discussion here. Do please, try to keep everything relevant, and try not to sway from the topic unless you just find it impossible to follow a simple request such as that, though it is not my place to force anything upon anyone, seeing how it is not within my power to make you talk about the comic series. This is a Halo comic general discussion, discuss as you may, but I will repeat: please try to keep your posts relevant.
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