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Found 3 results

  1. So this time around I went with Self Destruct - former MoM and damn good GFX artist. But he's lousy at shapes. Shapes are his absolute weakness. You'll notice one of the questions is dated but here we go: DD: "How did you land on 343i.org?" SD: "The first forum I ever joined was Halo4Nation in the summer of 2012. Unfortunately by summer 2013 the place was nearly dead, and I was forced to search for a suitable replacement. This eventually lead me to 343iCF in June of 2013. Initially I assumed it was 343i's stomping grounds, but I quickly discovered it had no relation to the company (I learned later on that there were a few connections, but not many). The place looked high quality (meeting my ridiculously high standards), and snazzy so I decided to join up on June 13th, and see what happened." DD: "I came here looking for the official website too when I started but quickly figured out that it wasn't it and stayed because it was awesome. So besides the quality of the site, what has kept you around here?" SD: "1: Activity. Most days on 343iCF are nearly the same as H4N at the height of it's popularity in 2012. 2: Frequency of contests, and events that people here host (this was very apparent in early 2014). 3: The amount of just downright funny people to talk to. 4: The ranks, and awards. It may sound dumb, but I was a sucker for these things after I joined, and I still see people here indulge in this. Not so much anymore since I've become uninterested (it seems a little pointless now). However I'd definitely try to get past Dedicated if another user group is added. 5: And finally (we all knew this would come), to talk about Halo, and other crap." DD: "Those are good answers. Honestly everyone was into ranking up and gaining site Awards at one point or another lol you're not the only one that's for sure. Do you have an Award that you're most proud of?" SD: "The MoM award. Notoriety, and Quality Posts come in second." DD: "I thought you might pick that one that's a very good one in my opinion. SD what keeps you busiest when you're on the site? What do you like to do the most I mean." SD: "Messing around in the Shoutbox, and hosting/playing the Mafia games." DD: "Mafia has been going on for a long time and it's very popular on the site I noticed! Are there any Events you're looking forward to or that you want to see this year?" SD: "Old vs. New is #1. I'm just hoping I can actually make an Event this time since I've been absent for more than a month. I'd also love to see Staff/Mods vs. Members, or one of Boss's Clue Events." DD: "Those are all my favorite Community Events for sure and I'm psyched about Old vs New coming up in a few days. I hope we get enough attendees. The Calendar is back on the sidebar of the forums page. Do you think that'll be useful in the future for announcing Events?" SD: "Heck yes. " DD: "Great I do too and I'm glad it's back! SD you're known for being a great artist in drawing and GFX. How long have you been doing those things?" SD: "Basically from around 3-5 years old. I started doing Graphics later on." DD: "That's a lot of time to hone your skills. I do all my GFX work on MS Paint because I'm a boss. So the Hunt the Truth countdown ended recently and we got some details on a war journalist named Benjamin Giraud. What do you think of the new character aspect 343 introduced?" SD: "Giraud seems interesting, and the voice acting feels convincing. There's not much to work with, so at this moment I'm a tad bit neutral on his character. I want to see how intricate, and thought out this "Hunt The Truth" thing really is, and if Benjamin Giraud has a larger role than what's said about him (like if he becomes a criminal for asking too many questions)." DD: "True we don't know much yet, those are interesting thoughts though. Do you think it's best for Halo 5: Guardians to release this year or would it be better for 343 to wait until next year (if they were ever not being rushed)?" SD: "I'd rather have Halo 5 release next year, and more of the 343 team working on overdrive to fix the MCC... this goes both ways for the game being rushed, or not." DD: "Same here I would rather have this game be everything we want it to be. Alright Self Destruct, you're a previous MoM, continuous name of the Top 15 List, and a hell of a member. Do you have any words of wisdom for the newer members we're seeing more of lately maybe for being successful on the site?" SD: "Posts: Quality > Quantity. Be yourself, and treat the girl members like everyone else. Try not to turn the SB into depression central (the topic may be serious, but we're all here to have fun. This hinders that... not to mention it becomes awkward for everyone). Join the Contests, and Events pls. That's all I got. Thanks for interviewing me, Dirty Dan. " And that was that! I'm real grateful to Self Destruct for agreeing to be interviewed and I'm glad we got it done! Sorry it took so long to post ;3. Hail .
  2. Saturday, September 6th, 5 pm EST, 10 pm GMT Converter: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc [the time is subject to change] I know, you're wondering how I'm going to do this... well here's my plan. 1: Say you're joining, and post your GT (if you don't have your GT below your name). I will then include you on the list. I don't care if you post things that have nothing to do with the Event on here, but please tell me if you can join beforehand before you do. 2: A few hours (maybe just an hour) before the actual time of the Event I will host a pre-party to screw around in. Send me a message, and I'll invite you. It is not mandatory to join the pre-party, so you can wait until the actual party starts, or a little after if you're a "late bloomer". If you can't join, please tell me, and I'll remove your name from the list and open a spot for joining. 3: When the time comes I will be lurking in the Shoutbox to invite people, and after everyone's in I will launch the game-night... and the shenanigans will begin! EDIT: If we only have 5 people until the actual game starts on Saturday, then we will go into Horde mode. Le Short Rules: - - - - - 1: Self Destruct - SelfDestruct217 2: Zaguroth - Zaguroth 3: Edward Kenway - VinWarrior 4: rrhuntington - EVOL SPARTAN II 5: Unease N3wsnut - Unease P34nut 6: 7: 8: 9: 10:
  3. [the MoM banner is causing derpness within the thread, sorry] Yep. My time as MoM is nearly over. In a few days I'll have to relinquish my Pink Pride... At least I went out with a BANG (well almost)! I'm grateful that the Mods/Staff/Everyone Else decided to bequeath me with the Pinkyness. I can never fully show my gratitude for that, so I hope this Event will be nearly sufficient as payment! (At least for everyone except for Azaxx... he wants Blood Payment :spiteful: ) Keep being the all-around trippin-strait-rippin bada$$ forumers you are! - - - - - Thanks to everyone who joined! Butch Flowers Edward Kenway Unease N3wsnut Bnus DarkAngel Coldfreeze GermanShepherdD ...and an Honorable Mention to the people who signed up, but could not make it due to circumstances rrhuntington Berriesboo Mr. Biggles Church
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