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Found 1 result

  1. Dear 343, I'm sure your inboxes are filled with mail from outraged or upset fans that have lashed out in unreasonable ways, but I am not here to do that, I'm just gonna what I want to say, and hope it is a compelling argument for you. I am upset with your decision to make your "requisition packs" paid DLC, I understand people are willing to pay for the extra visuals and that is completly optional, but super customization has always been free in previous Halo games, and is something that made the game special and removing that is doing the game a dis-service. I could live with this, however, if scplit-screen was still in the game. I remember back in 2002 when the Original Xbox launched I was 5 years old and my dad bought one to play his NFL and Baseball games on, but one day I went into the store with him and saw Halo: Combat Evolved on one of the shelves, and I instantly thought to myself "wow this game looks amazing! I want it!". I asked my Dad if he would buy the game for me, and he said "This game is rated M, I'll have to check with your Mom." And we went home. Me and my Mom returned to the store later that week and she bought it for me. I've been playing Halo for almost as long as I can remember and for AS long as I've played video games. But the thing I remember the most about the Halo games is that me and my parents would play Slayer together all the time, and we all really enjoyed it(on split-screen). And I remember most of all, me and my Mother playing Split-screen Co-op in Halo's campaign, It was really a bonding experience for me and my family. In 2012 Halo 4 launched and I was at the midnight release(my mom took me, even though she had work the next day) and then the next day when she got home from work me and her played split-screen together almost the entire day. And removing this feature from Halo, one that has been in every Halo game since Combat Evolved, is an insult to those who have been fans of the series since the beggining, and an in-justice to the game itself, witch deserved to have split-screen. I understand that you think it would compermise the gameplay expirience, but all the other Halo games managed to do split-screen with good graphics on the Xbox-360! So if the Xbox One can't handle that then that is a problem. Also I believe that you could make the graphically quality LOWER, but only when in split-screen mode, that is, I believe, the way that all the other Halo games did it. (Also you should re-add the motion blur from Halo: Reach, and the reflection affects on the metal, it was very good looking and made the game more immersive for me.) Removing playable elites, this is something easily fixable, you have the models, you could pull the HUD from Halo 2: anniversary, and the thruster pack situation is easily fixable, I read in GameInformer that in the Campaign mission they played the Covenant, or more specifically the Elites, had their own versions of thruster packs. This means, they could most likley perform the same moves as the Spartans. In conclusion, split-screen is the feature I care about you re-adding the most, it's a tradition for both Halo and my family, and while I respect your right to remove it, I am humbley asking that you do not remove it, please consider what Iv'e asked of you. Many Thanks for reading! -Captin_Bullets
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