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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys my name is Nogradea but just call me matt, I have been playing Halo since Halo 3 because I have just got in to video game in 2011 but I grow bigger every day to be the master of the Halo universe. My Favourite halo has got to be Halo reach because of all the ranks system and the credits Because I like to collect and achieve the best of the best. I'm stuck on halo reach at the moment Because I have to wait till my birthday to buy halo 4 or the other ones to master that game. I did have Halo reach but that was 2012 when I met this awesome person who helped he get throw the Halo universe to get to this point his name is Khamal Thomas/DestroyerBFG/Khamal1221 and I wouldn't be playing halo with out him but sadly it ended we part-ways so ye. I'm an a road to inheritor on halo reach and I need some people to help me and rank me up Legit. I don't cheat on halo and other games I don't get the point in doing it but ye. I'm a forge master and like forging on halo iv been doing it lost and made epic maps for the community like Fat lady Cops and robbers on my other account but I lost it, before my name was Ifrex/Proifrex Gamerz Thanks for reading vote if you thought it was interesting. Thanks
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